How to book an entire row on a plane without paying extra

Jun 05, 2017

A little bit of extra legroom is all anybody really wants on a long-haul flight. Just imagine having enough space to spread your items out and being able to stretch out as much as you like, all because you have an empty seat beside you.

There are some sneaky ways to book an entire row on a plane and it won’t have you forking out any extra money, either.

Is there a catch? Well, there is actually. This only really works for people who are travelling in even numbers. So, unfortunately, this won’t work if you’re booking a seat by yourself.

But if you’re a couple or friends travelling together, then it is definitely worth giving this hint a shot.

All you have to do when you’re booking your tickets is to choose your seating prior to checking in and making sure you and your travel partner chose the window and the aisle seat.

This usually results in an empty space between you, especially if the plane isn’t fully booked. Of course, there are always going to be people who travel alone, so you might find that someone will sit in between you, but you can always ask them politely if they’d like to swap seats with one of you, so at least you and your partner can travel together.

They’ll usually happily oblige, especially if they know they get to sit in an aisle or window seat instead of the annoying middle seat.

So, if you’re a solo traveller, this one won’t work for you, but if you are travelling in an even group of people, then be sure to give it a go on your next flight.

You might just find you have a little bit more leg room and some extra space to leave your book, bottles of water and headphones lying around.

Have you ever tried to book an entire row on a plane before? Did this tip work for you? Let us know in the comments section below.

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