How a pair of shoes can save your valuables in your suitcase

Jul 30, 2017
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Packing shoes into your suitcase could very well be the worst part of packing altogether. They’re bulky, inflexible and usually the item that takes up the most room. But with this simple packing trick, you can use as much room as possible and at the same time, keep your valuables safe.

If you usually wrap your valuables such as glasses, jewellery, glass or ceramic jars (used for moisturisers or beauty products) and any other breakables you may have in clothes to keep them snug, there’s a better way.

Tuck all of your valuables into your shoes and this will keep them not only snug, but also padded and protected. Since your shoes will take up that much space anyway, it’s a great space saver as well!

If you’re worried about your valuables getting a bit smelly in your shoes, put your valuables in a sock before you pack them in.

Another way to freshen smelly shoes is to put dryer sheets in them and leave them overnight. Insert a dryer sheet in your shoes before you go on holiday and after long days walking and exploring. You won’t have to worry about the smell again.

Because shoes are a heavy item as well, it’s best to pack them near the bottom of the suitcase where the wheels are, as this will ensure the weight is at the bottom of the suitcase, making it sturdier and ensuring it won’t tip over.

Another thing to remember is that you don’t need to pack too many pairs of shoes. How often in the past have you packed a dressy pair of shoes ‘just in case’ only to have them remain in your suitcase for the duration of your holiday? Usually a pair of walking sneakers and a pair of sandals will do the trick.

By wearing your heaviest shoes on the plane, you can save some luggage weight as well. 

Will you give this a go?

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