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Government to drastically change how you travel

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The next time you head to an airport or cruise terminal for an overseas holiday, things could be very different.

While you’re probably used to standing in long lines to present your passport at Immigration, that could be all about to change.

Apparently, the Department of Immigration and Border Protection is hoping to introduce a self-processing system towards the end of the year.

Instead of presenting your passport, the government could soon be using facial and iris recognition or fingerprints to identify you.

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton told the ABC more than 90% of passengers could end up using the self-processing system

He said it’ll eventually mean that you won’t have to present your passport before you head off overseas.

“In many cases that will mean people, whilst they’ll still have to carry their passport, may not have to present their passport at all in the long term,” he said.

“But in the immediate term, this will make it easier, it will make it quicker, for people going in and out of our airports.”

“Already we know from the money we’ve invested into biometrics collections that that is a much more reliable collection than we have with people just scanning manually passports.

“So there is the ability through this technology to improve detections of people that might be coming into our country to do the wrong thing.”

Apparently, it’ll also make it easier for tourists coming in to the country and cut down the amount of time everyone spends waiting in a queue!

But can we really trust technology to do the jobs that people would normally do?

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