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Four things to talk about before travelling with friends

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Many people enjoy travelling around the world with a close friendin later life for any number of reasons – but it’s important to pick the right one.

Travel companions have the power to make or break your holiday. If you choose the right one, you have memories for life to share with someone else, someone to push you out of your comfort zone and someone to rely on throughout your travels. 

However, choose the wrong person and you’re stuck on a miserable trip feeling as though you are wasting your time and money on a holiday you don’t even want to be on.

With so much to consider it can be difficult to know who you can travel with and who you would rather leave at home. Before you choose, make sure you sit down and have a good chat about a few topics.


With different levels of fitness, potential injuries and of course individual interests – how you like to spend your time on a holiday can be the polar opposite to that of your travel companion. 

You don’t want to find yourself in a situation where you were ready for a relaxing holiday by the beach, while your travel partner is more interested in activities and hikes.

Rather than waiting until the holiday starts, go over everything beforehand – making sure everyone mentions any injuries or medications that will limit their ability to participate in any activities. 

Also, it’s worth noting how you plan on spending your time on the holiday. While it’s fine to be coerced into activities you wouldn’t normally do if you were alone, you don’t want to spend your whole trip either denying or trying to convince people to do things with you.


Money is a sensitive topic at any age and travelling with people on different budgets can be extremely difficult. While some travellers count every dollar they spend, others throw the entire budget out the window.

If your accommodation standards, activity prices and food allowances aren’t in a similar range you might find yourself having an uncomfortable conversation about money down the track.

You’re better off laying down exactly how much you plan on spending as well as the areas of travel where you are more inclined to splurge, compared to those where you prefer to tighten the purse strings.


You know what they say, you never truly know someone until you go away with them. Nothing tests the waters of a friendship better than being alone together and reliant on one another for a length of time.

So if you’re travelling with someone new it might be worth spending a mini-holiday with them first to make sure your personalities gel. Make sure you clearly define if or when you need alone time and how you should deal with conflicts if they arise. Communication is vital if you truly want to enjoy your time together.


When planning a holiday, having one person burdened with the weight of booking and gathering everyone’s money is a recipe for disaster. Make it a team effort by booking things together or taking it in turns.

You should always speak up if something is out of your budget or not to your standards. However, remember that compromise is the key to a happy holiday and being open to new opportunities will only make the trip more enjoyable!

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