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Travel at 60 Daily Joke: A man was stranded in the desert

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A man travelling through the desert was desperate for water. After three days he was on his hands and knees crawling along when he spotted a man coming towards him with a suitcase. “Water,” cried the traveller. “Please, water!”

“Sorry,” replied the man as he opened his suitcase. “I haven’t any water to spare but I can sell you a tie if you like.”

“No, water, water!” gasped the traveller. “Are you sure?” asked the man with the suitcase.“Yes,” grunted the traveller, and he crawled onwards.

A few hours later, he crawled up a sand dune and spotted an oasis just a few metres away, with a delicious, inviting pool of clear water plainly in view. The traveller crawled on until he stopped by the feet of the groundsman.

“Water, water!” gasped the traveller.

The groundsman was about the open the gate, but then looked at the traveller and stopped. “Sorry sir,” he said. “But we cannot admit gentlemen unless they are wearing ties.”

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