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Cathay Pacific sends plane ‘back to the shop’ after spelling blunder

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While spelling might not be everyone’s forte, it’s safe to say Cathay Pacific needs to up its game following recent events.

The slightly embarrassed airline has sent one of its planes back to the shop after misspelling its own name across the side of the vessel.

The plane was spotted by a number of passengers at the Hong Kong International Airport, who then immediately contacted the airline to inform them of the noticeable slip-up.

The massive sign on the side of the plane simply read “Cathay Paciic”, clearly omitting the ‘F’ from ‘Pacific’. Travellers started to notice the absence of the one very important letter and photos of the blunder were immediately posted to Twitter.

However, before anyone else could poke fun at the red-faced airline, the staff at Cathay Pacific posted their own hilarious statement beginning with a very fitting “Oops”.

Underneath their message to the public saying the “special livery” wouldn’t last long, photos showed a worker plastering over the mistake in hopes of fixing the sign.

As always, Twitter users were quick to share their opinions on the matter with some supporting the self-aware tweet and others aiming fire at the airline.

Some users took the opportunity to take the Mickey out of the renowned airline by relating the spelling gaffe to other hilarious misspelled signs seen around the world, while others suggested how their team could easily fix the mistake in no time at all.

Other users were less amused and slightly more sceptical of the situation as they wondered if the post was simply a publicity stunt or marketing campaign for the airline. 

One particularly disgruntled customer of Cathay Pacific failed to find the humour in the situation, saying: “I’m not sure why this is not funny to me.  I fly Cathay and to me this just shows a breakdown in quality – no humour (and I’m a funny guy). Not something I think should be so blatantly and proudly publicised on a brand I spend money to support. How much did this ‘mistake’ cost?”

As most airlines these days are often hidden behind a very corporate and professional veil, the hilarious post by Cathay Pacific was a breath of fresh air for many customers .

As best described by Twitter user @AghiadHaloul: “No f’s were given that day”.

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