Brits outrage as airline serves $9 afternoon tea which doesn’t include tea

May 17, 2019
British Airways added an afternoon tea option to its short-haul menu earlier this month, but passengers are less than impressed. Source: Getty

It’s no secret that Brits love their tea, but a new menu addition from British Airways has left passengers reeling.

The British airline added an afternoon tea option to its short-haul menu earlier this month, however it doesn’t actually include any tea, and flyers aren’t having a bar of it.

According to The Sun, an advert for the deal, which costs £5 (AU$9.28), promises “an indulgent sultana scone served with traditional clotted cream and delicious strawberry preserve — pair it with a hot cup of Teapigs Everyday Brew for an authentic cream team experience”.

But there’s a catch — the cup of tea isn’t actually included in the price and will set passengers back an extra £2.50.

Most passengers were less than impressed, with many taking to social media to criticise the airline.

“Hey @British_Airways, lots of confused then miffed then annoyed pax today ordering ‘Afternoon Tea’ for £5 only to find out it’s just a scone, and you have to pay £2.50 extra if you want a cup of tea. Might be worth changing the description of the item to ‘scone’,” one commentator wrote.

Another added: “Have to laugh at @British_Airways charging £5 for ‘afternoon tea’ = a scone. Tea itself £2.50 extra! They are ruining their reputation but I feel so sorry for the cabin crew who have to deal with all the inevitable complaints.”

And a third wrote: “FYI @British_Airways U don’t get 2 call it #Afternoontea if it doesn’t include the Tea! Pretty appalled by your entirely misleading menu slight of hand. You owe me £2.50 I paid cos felt sorry for the Staff who had to explain and apologise for the poor price info.”

What are your thoughts on this? Would this annoy you?


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