Surprise! Aussies think they are the best travellers … but are they?

Apr 15, 2019
A new report found one in three Aussies think they're the world's best travellers. Source: Getty

It’s no secret Australians love to travel and a new report has revealed that one in three Aussies believe they’re the world’s best travellers. But, they could be doing more harm than good.

The study commissioned by retail-store company Kathmandu of 1,000 Australians, undertaken as part of the Helpful or Harmful Travel 2019 report, has reviewed the issues of over-tourism. Mass tourism can have a wide-reaching effect on a community, and not all of it good.

In fact, the study found 24 per cent of Aussie travellers admitted to not treating their destinations with as much respect as their own country and less than half (49 per cent) researched local customs, traditions and social sensitivities before travelling. Meanwhile, 46 per cent travelled to tick places off their bucket list.

“This pressure, now referred to as over-tourism, is a hugely complex issue we must address if we’re to accommodate the 1.8 billion global tourist arrivals by 2030. But the problem isn’t just volume, it’s concentration,” Claudio Milano, international researcher, lecturer and consultant in tourism, said.

“Crowds are flocking in droves to some of the world’s most fragile historic destinations like Machu Picchu and Venice that weren’t built to withstand thousands of footsteps every day.”

Meanwhile, the report also found 36 per cent of travellers wouldn’t be confident to explain what over-tourism meant, while 30 per cent wouldn’t change their plans for it either.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think Aussies are the best travellers?


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