The amazing travel destinations you should put on your bucket list this year

Feb 26, 2019

Having recently retired, I am ready to enjoy my travels around the world. For a number of years I’ve been compiling my travel bucket list, information gathered from my travels as a business consultant as well as from my own research. When you’re travelling for work, it’s hard to really take in a destination and all it has to offer. Yet, I’ve been fortunate enough to take note of the places I’d like to return to for some well-deserved R’n’R


There have been a number of studies in recent years highlighting Hawaii in the United States as a place for the over-60s to visit. Everyone wants to spend time relaxing on the beautiful island.

Hawaii is the place to be according to Lewis Johnson. Source: Pixabay
Hawaii is the place to be according to Lewis Johnson. Source: Pixabay

Hawaii has gorgeous beaches compared to other coastal states in the US. If you’re interested in island leisure activities and cool breezes from large water bodies, this is the place for you. I’ve travelled to Hawaii on five different occasions for work and I’ve been excited by the range of activities one can do and sites to see. It’s great foradventure lovers and those looking to relax. 


Visitors to Italy often come to enjoy the country’s wine and food. I strongly recommend a trip to Italy if you want to embrace the incredible Mediterranean cuisine.

Italys' Cinque Terre is a rugged part of the Italian Riviera. Source: Pixabay
Italys’ Cinque Terre is a rugged part of the Italian Riviera. Source: Pixabay

However, the culture and history of Italy makes it another destination to put on your bucket list. I enjoyed visiting many of the country’s historic sites, which helped me stay active without straining myself.

With temperate weather year-round, it is an excellent destination to dip your toe into what the Mediterranean has to offer, and may even lead you to extending your adventures into other countries.


Alaska is the largest state in the US and is located far north, bordering Canada. Here you will discover wildlife unlike anything else you will see in the US. With the longest coastline among all the states, there are more wild animals in Alaska than in the southern regions of the country, including infamous Yellowstone National Park.

Enjoy adventures into the mountains and its glaciers. There are a number of opportunities to see glaciers, ice fields, icebergs and sea ice in Alaska.

The landscape and wildlife you'll discover in Alaska is breathtaking. Source: Pixabay
The landscape and wildlife you’ll discover in Alaska is breathtaking. Source: Pixabay

I recommend visiting in the summer months, between April and September, as it is one of the coldest places in the world during winter.


There are few things quite as exciting as counting the remaining days before one visits the Caribbean. You will have a hard time finding beaches as beautiful and relaxing as those found in this amazing part of the world. I have found the best method of getting the most out of this destination is on a luxury Caribbean cruise.

One of the things I’ve come to appreicate about cruising is that I can visit multiple destinations in a short amount of time, without having to worry about travel, hotels, and security in some cases.

The region is south-east of the Gulf of Mexico and the North American mainland. It is east of Central America and north of South America, so you’re bound to discover some beautiful islands.

Relax! Source: Pixabay
Relax! Source: Pixabay

It’s a region that remains one of the ultimate travel destinations for baby boomers in the US, proximity being a significant drawcard, but also because longer stays are made easy.


If you’ve not visited California in the United States, put it on your bucket list! It’s a diverse landscape of coastlines, heartlands and granite peaks, offering a lifetime of vacations for travellers. However, the technological innovations you’ll find in both Los Angeles and San Franscisco are to be experienced first-hand. While both cities are a little expensive, they offer some wonderful opportunities.

The world-famous Golden Gate Bridge can be found in California. Source: Pixabay
The world-famous Golden Gate Bridge can be found in California. Source: Pixabay

You’ll also not want to miss the majestic Redwoods, Yosemite, Hollywood and the Golden Gate Bridge. Obviously, if you’re travelling with your grandchildren a trip to the US wouldn’t be complete without a stop at Disneyland. I’ve been with my family (wife, children and grandchildren) every two years for as long as I can remember.

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Are any of these destinations on your bucket list? Where are you hoping to travel to in 2019?

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