No more queues: The concept that could replace airport security lines

Apr 30, 2019
A new concept is being developed that would cut down airport lines dramatically. Source: Getty

No one likes to spend their time in an airport line waiting to check-in or go through security. And as people’s lives become busier than ever before, the idea of hauling your bags to an airport hours before a flight – only to then wait around in queues – is less than appealing.

But the good news is crowded airport queues could soon be a thing of the past. A new concept called Aerochk is being developed that would cut down wait times dramatically without compromising security.

The Aerochk would see passengers step onto an escalator on the way to their boarding gate – placing their passport on the left side of the machine and their luggage on the right. Then, a robotic conveyor belt would check if the passport is valid and if the person is registered for an upcoming flight.

At the same time, facial recognition technology would be used to match the passenger’s identity with their passport and their height and weight will also be recorded to optimise the weight and balance of the aircraft. The machine could also ask questions to each traveller and record their answers.

Meanwhile, the luggage conveyor would check if bags contain dangerous or prohibited items.

“The optimal way to organise this new process is open for debate, but it is clear that we could all benefit from a faster and easier boarding process,” the designers write. “The Aerochk also reduces the likelihood of human error which is prevalent in areas where large volumes of people are passing though.”

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think this is a good idea?


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