5 tips for learning a new language for an overseas trip

Jan 28, 2018

Language goes a long way, even attempting to speak another country’s language is a sign of respect that won’t be lost on the locals—they may even reveal some exclusive local knowledge in return.

To brush up your language learning skills we have a few easy tips to get you prepared, before embarking on your next adventure.

1. Watching foreign films and listening to foreign music

A great way to get a general idea of a country’s culture is to watch a few movies from the region. Movies can reveal normal speaking patterns and phrases, as well as giving you an insight into a few cultural norms. You get a great idea of a country’s comedic style and their way of expressing emotions, too. Listening to their music can give you a great conversation starter and put you in the mood for your trip.

2. Practice a basic introduction

Introducing yourself is something you will be doing a lot of when you travel in a foreign country. It’s worth writing out a grammatically correct introduction and practice it before you go. You can even keep the phrase on a small palm card in your pocket if you have trouble remembering it.

3. Take a language course

This is one of the more obvious things you can do to get ready for a big trip overseas. Taking a language course will equip you with basic language starters including, introductions, numbers, asking tourist-like questions and ordering from menus. If you are going on quite a long trip, a short language course can be very useful.

4. Local meet-up groups

If you really want to finesse your language skills, joining a local meet-up group is the answer. Not only will you get to practice your language with other speakers, you will also pick up the unique cultural saying and phrases used in your intended destination. Other speakers can also pull you up on your pronunciation and let you know when you are making mistakes or saying things incorrectly.

5. Download a language app

These days most people carry around mobile phones so downloading a language app is a no-brainer. A language app will always be there as a back-up for when you’re stuck for what to say. Language apps are great for helping you practice before your trip, too. You can sit and practice phrases while you wait for your cappuccino to arrive or while you catch public transport. Many have flashcards with special phrases, others work as translators that you can use on your trip.

Using these tips will make your language skills a-cut-above the rest and may even get you more spectacular views and experiences.

How many languages can you speak? Let us know in the comments section below. 

How many languages can you speak?

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