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5 nude beaches in Australia perfect for a cheeky holiday

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Ah, what could possibly beat a frolic in the shallows in the nuddy? Chances are you either love nudist beaches or balk at the idea – it can be a little confronting. For those out there who love a soiree in the sea sans togs, Australia has some of the most beautiful beaches to get a perfectly even tan. Sit your bare cheeks on the sand without a care in the world at one of these five Australian nudist beaches.

1. Lady Bay Beach, Sydney

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Lady Bay is New South Wales’ most famous nudist beach. It’s one of the busiest nude beaches as well, so if you’re a nervous first-timer it may not be your best choice. Its popularity is due to the fact it’s a short trip from Sydney, easily reachable by public transport or a long walk from Circular Quay. It offers views of the Sydney Harbour and is surrounded by lush vegetation-covered rocky cliffs.

2. North Belongil Beach, near Byron Bay, NSW

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Near the eclectic town of Byron Bay is the clothing-optional North Belongil Beach, about 4km from the turn off on the main highway. You’re not likely to be the only nude species at this beach – it’s teeming with sea-life including dolphins, whales, seabirds, crabs and schools of fish. It’s a popular beach for tourists so it has quite a fun atmosphere.

3. Maslin Beach, Adelaide

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Maslin Beach is famous for not only being a beach where you can have au natural fun in the sun, it hosts an annual Beach Nude Games competition, which began way back in 1974. Each year there are activities such as Frisbee throwing, sack races, three-legged races, water balloon throwing, baton races, donut-eating competitions and male and female best bum competitions.

4. Warnbro Beach, Perth

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The nude section of Warnbro Beach stretches for nearly a kilometre and is located just south of the Perth metropolitan area. The water is clean, the sand is pearly-white and there are no rocks or reef to trip up on. There are also sections of the beach that are dog friendly, so great to take your beloved pooch out for the day with you.

5. Casuarina Beach, Darwin

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Casuarina Beach is one of Darwin’s must-see attractions, being a lovely secluded beach with white sands and crisp, clean waters. This beach is perhaps the wildest on the list – there was a croc spotted in the water in January 2017. While there are traps up to stop crocs from visiting the beach, there is the odd one that is spotted passing through. They just want to be a part of the action, too!

Sorry Queenslanders, but there are no legal nude beaches in the Sunshine State! But, don’t get your knickers in a knot because there are some that are ‘nude-friendly’ beaches – vis-a-vi it’s not technically legal but everyone does it.

If you’re new to the nudist beach scene, here are a few guidelines for you.

  • Don’t stare at people or take photos
  • Don’t wander out of the designated nude areas
  • Take your time getting undressed – do it when you are comfortable
  • You can always put your clothes back on if you want to
  • Bring plenty of sunscreen, a shade umbrella and water
  • Have fun and remember not to take yourself too seriously

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