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We all saw the Australia Day lamb ad that featured our favourite cricket commentator, Richie Benaud earlier this month – and based on what you all said on Facebook, almost everyone loved it! However social commentator Celeste Liddle has criticised the well-received ad saying it is in fact, really quite racist.

Celeste spoke to NITV News and said, “To be honest it accurately reflects Australia Day and all that’s completely wrong with it. By that I mean we’ve got a bunch of white men who are completely ignoring the fact that there is history in this country that pertains to Aboriginal people and our experiences.”

The ad features Richie calling up historical Australian icons including Captain Cook, Ned Kelly and Don Bradman plus other notable Australians like Ita Buttrose, Sam Kekovich and The Twelfth Man creator, Billy Birmingham (who actually calls him) inviting them over for an Australia Day barbecue.

The Daily Mail made contact with Meat and Livestock Australia, the ad creators, and invited them to comment. They said, “This chapter of the Australia Day lamb campaign was created to capture the spirit of our national day. The bringing together of a group of Australian legends allowed us to honour some of the people who have helped defined Australia, in the most Aussie way possible – by sharing a lamb barbecue together. Meat & Livestock Australia approached numerous people from a variety of cultural backgrounds to be involved in the Australia Day lamb campaign however on this occasion some politely declined or were unavailable.”

It is an interesting conundrum. I know I had a barbecue on Australia, not to be ignorant to what Australia Day means to different people but because that is what I have grown up always doing, and yes, we did eat lamb. It’s become a part of Australian society to do similar things on Australia Day whether it is right or wrong and it seems as though this is the “spirit” that MLA was trying to capture when they put together this ad.

But tonight we want you to have your say… Did you think it was racist? Was it intentional or unintentional if it was? Watch it below if you need a refresher! 

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  1. For Heaven’s sake! Enjoyed the ad for what it is. Why politicize everything?

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    • People don’t know how to take a joke today I couldn’t see anything wrong with it I arrived in this great country in 1954 with my parents and was called all sorts of names but it has helped make me who I am today a Very Proud Aussie .No one is game to say anything these days for fear of upsetting someone

  2. Someone is always going to find something objectionable in something . It’s so crass not to celebrate the things that make you feel good because some minority’s want you to feel bad . Saying that I feel Australia can do far more for its indigenous population and an add for lamb shouldn’t be used as a political statement

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  3. Honestly. You can’t even have a laugh any more without it being political or racist. Lighten up all you do gooders out there

  4. Not at all…..If there are those who took offence, and I am not being rude…bugger off.

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