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You’d have to have been hiding under a rock to have missed the furore about how Tony Abbott has “paid back” his travel expenses for attending the weddings of Peter Slipper and Sophie Mirabella over recent years.  Accused of inappropriate use of government funds it seems everyone has an opinion on this touchy subject.   So today we want to hear yours…

Peter Slipper has faced court for inappropriate use of his entitlements, while other politicians are able to tastefully declare the potential that they might have done the wrong thing and clear things up quickly without reproach.

Tony Abbott commented yesterday to the media from the APEC Summit in Bali.  Since then he has also been challenged for his cost of attendance at fun runs.

“I remembered that some seven years ago, I had been to a couple of weddings and so I went back and I checked,” Mr Abbott said.

“I was advised, because I sought advice on this, that the entitlement was unclear and so, in order to avoid doubt, I paid the relevant money back and, look, that’s what people should do.

“They should act within entitlements, they should err on the side of caution and if there is any doubt, they should act immediately to clear the matter up. That’s exactly what I have done.”

On Monday morning, Mr Slipper said he found it “breathtaking” that other politicians were allowed to pay back inappropriate use of their entitlements while he faced public and legal scrutiny on his.

What do you think? Have your say today on this contentious subject.


Rebecca Wilson

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  1. Bit of a storm in a teacup really. Labor taking advantage of a great opportunity to popone in the eye of the Liberals. But I do seem to recall very similar messages being aimed in the opposite direction just a few years ago – Labor should perhaps tread carefully, in case anything cvomes back to bite THEM!

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    • Bloody tornado Brian. Typical muck raking antics of which all are guilty.

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      • Agree.Wish they’d just get on with the job they are there for.

  2. Labor better watch out – they are just as bad. I am so glad I didn’t vote for either of the major parties. They both need to be cleaned up to stop the rorting that is obviously very prevalent.

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