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We opposed it back in 2000 but it still came through, and now the Government is hinting they want to increase it again. But how do we feel about a rise in GST?

Well, according to a Fairfax poll, more and more voters are supporting an increase

The latest Fairfax-Ipsos poll shows that more than one in three Australians are now supporting a GST hike, a rise since it was first revealed to be in our futures.

According to the Brisbane Times, those with higher incomes are more likely to support the GST hike, as are those with right wing views rather than left wing.

So we want to know what you think today, have your say…

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  1. Perhaps if the pension situation was stable and jobs were plentiful, I would agree but at this time and with this Government and our current uncertain situation I would have to say NO.. life is a struggle now

  2. I doubt business confidence will improve if we pay more GST, this is just a commonsense response from me. If people have to pay more they will probably spend less than they are spending at this time. I certainly only buy what I need NOW…our $ has dropped at an alarming rate and things are costing more than they were before Abbott got into NO.

  3. The most fair form of taxation is GST. As it taxes spending: the more you spend, the more you pay. This ofc also means that the rich, who spend the most, cannot avoid paying.

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    • They could also give those on a benifit money to compensate but I can’t see them doing that.. they seem to want to take off us not give

    • The key is, Leanna, to make the rich, who have tax loop holes (thus avoiding paying full income tax), pay a bigger share. GST works that way. If you look at Europe, some countries have GST rates of 25 % (but with exception i.e. not across the board) !

    • The most fair form of taxation!!! You obviously live in the eastern suburbs & vote LNP. Income Tax is the fairest – the wealthier pay more tax than the less wealthy. Tax reform needed to close the loopholes – though fat chance of that happening with this government.

    • Just show me one country in the world, where the wealthier pay their fair share of tax. No tax reform will ever be able to close the loop-holes.

    • Berndt Rudiger Olesen, you are misinformed. GST is NOT the fairest tax. It’s actually highly regressive, because it imposts hardest on those who have to spend a high portion of their income to survive. The rich, who have surplus funds to save and invest, can import from overseas readily, and can afford international travel, pay a much lower portion of their income in GST. Business operators also pay less because they claim GST refunds on items that aren’t strictly for business use but can be made to appear so. The problem compounds if GST is applied to food. At present, the exclusion of basic food items does reduce the impost on battlers.

  4. It still hits the most vunerable in our society. Put up the cost if everyday living expenses and what do we give up to pay for it. We give up heating and medication just so we can eat.

  5. I think this is a good way to claw back some of the money wasted by the previous government. Otherwise we will have a recession before long! So tighten your belts and get back to basics. We need to get this country financial for our grandkids sake!

  6. If there is going to be an increase in the GST to say 15% you will find most social groups will be compensated in some way but I think the self funded retiree will be thrown to the wolves in this process— already it appears that the commonwealth seniors health card with be eliminated soon for those that don’t qualify for the aged pension— earnings in your super account are now taken into account if you are under 65 from the first of January this year when it applies to the seniors health card calculation of $82000 for a couple—– thinking it may have been better to have pissed it all up against the wall then take the risk in the investment market over the years.

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    • Yes Allan , So many did the right thing & SAVED, now it seems there are many thousands who never gave a thought to their old age, No one cares we went without for this & now we are called WEALTHY. I know many who could have done the same thing and are now winging.

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