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This morning, The Daily Mail reported that Taiwan has banned children under the age of two from using electronic devices like iPads, televisions and smartphones – something that looks exactly like the first two years of our lives!

If parents are caught, they are allegedly facing fines of up to over $1500. The law was passed last week and also states that parents must make sure that their children under 18 only use electronic products for a “reasonable” amount of time.

There’s a saying going around that, “Two year olds can unlock iPhones these days. When I was that age, I was eating dirt!”

So tell us, would you like to see more regulation of electronic devices for Australian kids these days? Would you like to see this with your grandkids? Have your say today… 


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  1. I don’t think it should be legislated, but I think parents should be more mindful of alternatives to electronic devices. Too many kids spend too much time indoors on various electronic devices. However with more apartments, houses without yards of any size, outdoors is becoming less attainable without adult involvement.

  2. Lets not forget that China is a communist country and has already either banned or restricted social media – otherwise I don’t know why anyone would think we can ban technology use, even if we wanted to!

  3. I watched my 3mth old grand daughter watch her fathers phone as he played a video out of Frozen. Her facial expressions & smiles showed how captivated she was. My 18mth grandson can unlock an iPhone or iPad & loves playing games. Forbidding our little ones to learn is simply wrong. This is their future & who are we to forbid them. My friends little boy who is 5 is more competent with a computer than his father. Like I said it’s their future & computers are their future.

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  4. No they need it to live in this world in saying that it’s a parents right to say not government I agree some children should play more but parents choice I myself would not like to be bringing up children today but times change sometimes it’s not what you want but it is

  5. If there is good balance between electronic and outdoor play, they will be fine. My three year old grand daughter loves her I pad games, but spent over three hours playing in a bucket of water.

  6. Have a few educational games and let them use it when you have time to sit and have a coffee, use it for quiet time. As for kids using it in shopping trolleys we didn’t have these devices when our kids were little and we survived and didn’t have screaming kids.

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    • when I was growing up there weren’t even any shopping trolleys.

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