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It seems that many of the so called must see tourist attractions are incredibly underwhelming in real life. You travel very long distances to see some of these attractions, but when you get there the experience is ruined by too many tourists, lack of ambiance, destroyed by time or are surrounded by con artists and thieves.


New York Times Square


Here are some of the tourist attractions and what has been said about them:

The leaning tower of Pisa is overcrowded and when you drive the three hours to get there the structure is a little uninspiring.

The Egyptian Pyramids are off limits, falling apart and surrounded by con artists who hassle tourists.

Stonehenge can only be viewed from afar due to a protective fence,and any ambiance is ruined by surrounding highways.

The Taj Mahal is stained by pollution and has too many thieves, beggars and con artists.

Venice is incredibly polluted and over touristed.

The Hollywood Walk of Fame is tainted by the seediness of the area.

The Grand Place in Bangkok is packed full of tourists that on some days you can barely move.

The Golden Gate Bridge is surrounded by fog that it is often difficult to see it.

The Statue of Liberty is actually a lot smaller in real life, and in summer is sweltering hot with far too many tourists.

Times Square in New York is ridiculously busy every hour of the day, you can barely walk let alone stop and take in the surrounds.


I’m keen to hear your say… do you think that the big tourist destinations are overrated? OR

Do you think that there is still some magic left in them?



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Kate Chaundy

Kate Chaundy is a writer on the Starts at Sixty Editorial Team. "I spend my time seeking out, researching and writing on the topics our over 60 community ask about". Kate has more than 13 years in marketing and communications and a lifetime of experience as the daughter of baby boomers.

  1. It beats me why so many people insist on going to all these heavily publicised foreign tourist centres, when they can see all of them, (a lot better), on their computers or televisions! The spots Jacqui and I like to actually visit are natural, as good as any of the tourist items listed above, don’t get crowded and are mainly free. I mean such places as Ninety Mile Beach, the Grampians, Geelong Waterfront, the Great Ocean Road, Millacoota and Port Albert, to name just a few in Victoria, and we have wonderful sites like these all over Australia. If we go to visit any of them, we come home happy and relaxed, NOT stressed!

  2. Ive been to lots of these sites and there is still magic. Some even brought me to tears. Depends on how you look at lif…through a glass half full I say!

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