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The same sex marriage bill was debated emotionally in New South Wales parliament house yesterday before being defeated by just one vote in the Upper House.

Independent MP, Alex Greenwich said, “Regardless of the result, we know that the gay and lesbian community has a level of respect from our parliament that has not always been there … this has shown us that marriage equality is doable in NSW.”

The Australian Capital Territory legalised same sex marriage just under a month ago, prompting state parliament’s around Australia to follow suit.

Unfortunately, New South Wales premier, Barry O’Farrell did not agree with the move by the ACT and made the statement last month, “only change enacted by the Federal Parliament can deliver true equality in our marriage laws”. Many people are have blamed O’Farrell’s statement for the bill not passing.

Labour MP, Helen Westwood voiced her concern on what the defeat will do to Australia by saying, “The fact is while we have laws in this country that excludes one group of Australians we are … validating discrimination and we are validating and endorsing prejudice in our country.”

What do you think about this defeat of same sex marriage law in NSW, are you pleased or disappointed?  


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  1. The Bill has been defeated – this time! And it may be next time also, but eventually it will be passed. It took a long time for the original inhabitants of this country to be recognised and given their rights, and it will take a long time for the rights of same-sex couples to be recognised. But a Bill is only a piece of paper and a piece of paper cannot stop people loving one another. Keep on fighting, and keep on loving. I hope to see same-sex marriages legalised in my lifetime; as I have seen the rights of the indigenous owners of this country recognised. Recognition of rights is only a first step – the fight goes on every day to combat prejudice of all sorts.

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