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We’ll admit it: getting a speeding fine is not fun, and it’s a reminder that you can be a bit stupid sometimes. And more often than not, you’re not angry you did it, you’re just angry you got caught. But now, speeding fines could become a thing of the past if a new Ford’s technology is implemented across all new cars. You see, the new Ford models warn you if there’s a speed camera nearby.

Ford has introduced a new device called the Intelligent Speed Limiter in its latest models and it prevents drivers from exceeding the speed limit by detecting road signs and cameras. While it does have some great benefits such as monitoring the speed limit for the road you’re on and making sure you’re sticking to it, could it be misused?

The driver has to manually set a maximum speed, i.e. for a highway, and the computer system identifies signs or speed cameras that are on the same road and automatically slows the car down to the lower speed limit. With that said, the driver can override the system just by accelerating.

According to Ford Europe safety supervisor, Stefan Kappes, “Drivers are not always conscious of speeding and sometimes only becoming aware they were going too fast when they receive a fine in the mail or are pulled over by law enforcement”. Would you agree?

The Daily Mail reports that the speed limiter works between speeds of 30kmh and 200kmh and the speed is reduced by restricting the amount of fuel supplied to the engine, making deceleration smoother.


So have your say tonight: do you think that drivers should have their car automatically slow them down to avoid a fine? Or should they just stop speeding? Tell us below.

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  1. If more focus was put on driver education, there would be fewer fatal road accidents in Australia. Australia seems obsessed with speed limits, but I believe that the main reason for this is generating revenue, rather than road safety.

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    • so Kerry – you don’t believe better educated drivers [as in road rules etc] wont reduce fatalities ?? hopefully it would PLUS better designed / constructed roads..

    • Even if everybody obeyed all the rules all of the time, 50% of fatal accidents would still occur. However, introducing a test based on the German system would help improve education. The Germans allow you to take it in pretty much any language you like, so no ‘interpreters’ needed. Practical test is equally difficult.

    • Ian, most European countries have much higher standards of driver education. Likewise, they have higher speed limits than Australia and yet, lower road fatalities.

  2. We have. Sat Nav and it goes of every time we go over the speed limit also tells us to check our speed

  3. They have the camera’s in the wrong places !!!! They are revenue raisers , and yes it is illegal in WA to have a radar detecter in your car .There needs to be more Police on the road and on the beat ,double the force , halve the road toll .

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    • You want more police on the road, but then complain about revenue raising. Who will pay for these police?

    • Fair call Neil but I would rather see 50 more on the force then 50 sitting in an office vetting the photo’s . And a police car and officer with a hand held speed gun on the highway than a white van hiding in the bushes , and it’s not sour grapes I don’t speed and haven’t Lost a point since the demerit point system has been in and I drove taxis doing 100 k plus a year ,just putting ideas out there 🙂

    • But in WA it IS LEGAL to have a speed camera detector in your car , if it was illegal to have them you would NOT be able to buy them . Most taxis have them in WA I have been in cabs with them in the past 3 months

    • Nothing will slow me down quicker than a visible police car! Yes more visible police. Not these sneaky ones hiding in bushes and non-cop cars.

  4. A driver doing, say, 100 k in a 60 k zone, can get pinged by a radar, then wipe someone out 5 minutes later. The speed trap is then a fat lot of use, especially if the offending driver is also killed.
    A police patrol, which can look for a variety of offences – not just speeding – can pull up such an offender, who will likely be prompted to ease off the go pedal, thereafter.
    For anyone considering a driving visit to Tasmania – our boys in blue sometimes park a white A frame trailer with tinted windows in the fore and aft panels containing speed-cam gear beside the road.
    They also occasionally cruise around in unmarked cars, not necessarily a Commodore or Falcon, which will identify themselves (when required) with red and blue flashers inside the windscreen and back window.

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