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We’ve boundless plains to share here in Australia and it seems it’s working for us on a global stage – we’ve been ranked as the seventh friendliest country in the world for tourists. But do you think this is accurate?

Spain was voted the friendliest country overall, taking out the top spot, according to the World Economic Forum’s The Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report 2015. Spain has it all: ‘outstanding attractions’, ‘excellent’ culture, entertainment and infrastructure…ad it it’s the third most visited country in the world with approximately 60.6 million arrivals in 2013.

That’s an earth-shattering amount considering Australia has just 24 million people living here in total!

Australia was just behind Switzerland, which if you remember, was named the happiest country in the world recently.

We got seventh place for our natural attractions, leisure and entertainment.

141 countries were included in the report and were assessed on key tourism factors, across 14 categories.

Top 10 tourist-friendly countries

1. Spain

2. France

3. Germany

4. USA

5. UK

6. Switzerland

7. Australia

8. Italy

9. Japan

10. Canada

But we want to know, do you think Australia is tourist-friendly? What’s the friendliest country you’ve been to?

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  1. Personally i would put Australia ahead of Spain & Germany ~ Consensus questionable ~

  2. We just aren’t tourist oriented. There are not enough tourists for us to recognise that they need special treatment. There are so many people in Australia who have accents that we just don’t notice tourists.

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  3. Kay walsh is right… whose the tourist and whose the resident….. it boils down to ” SPOT THE AUSSIE” now

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    • what do you equate as an Australian? If they immigrate here legally and are Naturalised..they are Australian..unless your an Aboriginal..we all came from some other part of the world

    • Well if you want to split hairs go ahead….i equate AUSSIE with birth certificate. immigration papers equates to ME Australian citizen

    • The you better tell that to this Government you voted in, they are screwing so much up..perhaps they will change the rules for you 🙂

    • Dont want to get into a political debate with you over who i vote for.. because YOU have no clue . Might vote for marijuana party or bikers unanimous might not vote at all….. because none can rescue us from the hole dug for us.

    • your the one filled with hate Dianne, your a racist..if they naturalized they are Australian and they have a certificate to prove it

    • My opinion is There are several levels of residency. Birth certificate . Citizen certificate resident certificate
      Illegal resident
      Legal resident
      Back packers and tourist who miss their flight Home.

  4. We cant be nice to each other, let alone tourists.

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    • Well I go to WA a lot for family , and yes they can be very rude at times especially in the service industry , they don’t care how long you wait or , ( that’s where ‘ wait awhile’ comes from as in WA) because their service in most areas is very slack, hard for visitors there to accept this .
      Even people with live there will tell you this , and tell you what WA stands for .

    • Carolyn – weren’t you just telling someone else in this post to go and live somewhere else because he dared to compare Australia unfavourably with other countries? Surely what’s good for the goose….?

    • Carolyn Brown, I was born in Newcastle NSW, later lived in Spain ( the Spanish are very friendly) and on returning to Aust my family moved to WA. We absolutely love it here. The people are lovely and the service sector is overall excellent. There is good and bad everywhere you go so maybe if you don’t like it here your relatives can visit you

  5. ‘Boundless plains to share….?’ that is just an embarrassment. Our treatment of asylum seekers and refugees is appalling.

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    • Yes Leslie you are right there certainly is a big difference!

    • We can send you some asylum seekers if you would like penny ! Just get all your shots and hide you knives first .
      This is about tourists , and our hospitality . We are so multi cultural we don’t know who visitors are . But Im sure we are no different than other countries . IT is also difficult to communicate with non English speaking visitors. But who decides whether we are hospitable enough or not ?

  6. When I lived near Darling Harbour I would often ask if I could help tourists poring over maps, wherever they were from, and would suggest nearby attractions I thought they may like.

    It is better to light a candle than complain about the dark.

  7. Had an interesting experience when we were visiting Melbourne recently…. We were having a discussion about which tram to take and a man who overheard us came over and gave us all the advice we needed in a very courteous manner. When he walked away my daughter …. Who had previously worked in Melbourne… Said ” that was actually the Lord Mayor of Melbourne” leading by example.

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