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Every day when I get up I do a few things. I turn on the TV to channel nine or channel seven, I download the latest newspaper for my state and the Australian and I jump online and scan the news across all of my favourite news websites. I’m a bit of a current affairs junky, as I’m sure many of you are, but over the last two weeks the headlines have seemed more and more like rubbish.

That’s a bit harsh but there have been so many instances of the media sticking their nose into politics in a way that really isn’t reporting the news. I wouldn’t be calling it investigative journalism either.

Last week a well known radio personality tweeted that Julie Bishop and Malcolm Turnbull would be “conducting a secret meeting” at his home to discuss their takeover of the current PM. This quite understandably went viral. Now, fast forward an hour or so and Malcolm Turnbull is sharing tweets on his personal twitter proving that he was on a train on a ride home after a meeting in North Sydney. Then Turnbull and the media personality engaged in a conversation of speculation and basically, accusations of lies.

This wasn’t journalism, this was churning up drama and speculation for the sake of it.

Then we look at the stream of “inside information” everyone seems to be getting. The media have reported so many “unidentified” backbenchers and Liberal party politicians and everything they’ve had to say about Tony Abbott and the #LibSpill but until the email from Simpkins on Friday afternoon, there had been nothing really said to confirm anything from any credible source. What happened to choosing credible sources?

Then in the lead up to the QLD election, if you read the newspapers up here from a point of no political bias or affiliation you would be completely and utterly shocked. Every media outlet had it’s political position and that is all it took when reporting on the election.

The gossip magazines are the ones who report in a “he said, she said” kind of way with no regard for the truth or real facts. And it seems as though a lot of our media are following suit here.

The flashy headlines, the over sensationalisation, the lack of credible sources and the pure meddling that is going on it some of the poorest journalism I’ve ever experienced. Now I’m not a journalist – simply a blogger! But I try to share facts and interesting information when it becomes available.

Tell us today, do you think the media need to stop sticking their noses in and start simply reporting the news again? Does the media make Australian politics look like a soap opera? Share your thoughts on the situation today…

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  1. But, if politicians weren’t laughable at the moment, they wouldn’t get the chance. Just saying!!

  2. There would be no story if the Liberal Backbenchers did not keep running to the press, no one forces them to give these interviews. I have seen many in tv studios giving interviews. You can’t blame the press for reporting the news. But I am for one am sick of it.. just sack him if your going to..STOP telling us!!!!

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  3. I have been saying for years that the quality of journalism has reached the dregs; it is the reason I very rarely purchase any print media, and I find it increasingly frustrating when looking for alternatives. That said, one of the reasons Australian politics looks like a soap opera in the media is that it has become a soap opera – the world must watch with incredulity.

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    • I would say there is very little interest by the world in Australian politics. Just remember pollies are puppets. Have we forgotten what Murdoch did to Whitlam not that Abbot is anywhere near the calibre of Whitlam.

    • I dont think anyone has forgotten what Murdoch did to Whitlam and for that matter the Rudd/Gillard governments and it has now apparently also turned on the Abbott government, and many would say it is the Murdoch press that is primarily responsible for the dumbing down of the the print media in Australia in order to minimise its competition. The world is very interested in our uranium, coal, gas, beef and real estate which makes it very interested in our politics becaues their acquisition of these commodities is entirely dependant on the politics of the day in Australia.

    • However all along the 6 years of leadership of the LNP it has been Rabbott backgrounding the media. It now has come back to bite him. Live by the sword and die by the sword.

  4. Maybe the ABC are seeking revenge wanting their funding back…it has been a feeding frenzy to a gullible bored pub,ic…circling like sharks wanting something to happen..they have even backed off on the bali nine

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    • It is not just the ABC, it is every channel. I have Foxtel and it runs there non stop with commentators analyzing it. Every channel I turn on..there it is.. and I am sick of reading it in here too

    • Yes me too….I asked my friends not to post any more political stuff and now starts at 60 are too. Not easy being a PM these days. We are all very ungrateful and hard to please.

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      • I agree Jenny. We are becoming a nation of whingers wanting it all without doing the hard work! While those who do chose to work hard for what they have are being treated like fools.
        As for journalists. .. shocking ethics with little or no moral compass. Putting words in the mouths of the average Australian.
        Can we just let the politicians do there jobs. Stop throwing cats in amongst the pigeons..,
        taking them away from said jobs of making sure Australia is as it has always been, our beautiful and lucky country! I know I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. So all you self rightous journalists. ..STOP BAGGING THEM AND LET THEM DO THEIR JOBS!

    • I don’t care who runs the country Jenny, It is the policies I don’t like. I know many have left here because of these political posts and the abuse that comes with them

    • Bindy Jones it seems if you don’t agree with each other people get nasty. That’s what I don’t like. We all have opinions and think politics are ruining FB

    • I agree totally Bindy. This LNP Government was elected on lies and bullying with three word slogans and now more people have woken up. I am happy to say I never believed a word from Rabbott.

    • I think FB is a fabulous forum to share ideas and thoughts, including about politics. Of course I would prefer that people didn’t get abusive but the sharing of information can surely only be helpful in questioning our sometimes habitual beliefs. The decisions made by politicians effect all of us in our every day lives and it’s up to us to take on the responsibility of our vote to ensure we leave a better place for our children and theirs. And I’m not talking about debt.

  5. Oz politics sadly has become a soap opera. So many lies by so many pollies of all parties, lack of respect for fellow polles let alone lack of respect for the people they supposedly “represent”

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    • Yes agree, Gough Whitlam and Paul Keating have a lot to do with that when they started their in public slanging. Changed the face of respect in Australian politics.

    • Pollies have no respect for each other, the public have no respect for them, at election time you hear so many people (including me) say none of them are worth voting for anyway, take the big money away none of them would be there

    • Many are self-serving and more into power, position and the opportunity to use both to tap into sources of wealth we would never ever have access to. Big business influencing politics and buying policies that suit them. Look at where a lot of politicians end up after they leave and the cushy big paying jobs they get.

  6. Agreed ..the media love to blow things out of proportion and this is no exception..the Libs are definitely in trouble with in fighting but I don’t think the media make things any better with continuos innuendo ..get on with running the country I say much to clean up after Labor …

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  7. The media are definitely to blame for all the gossip mongering.

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    • Guilty? What like labor and the insulation bats scheme which killed young men? Guilty of building rorts, school halls built at ridiculously high prices. People have such short memories.

    • I am sure Labor did not set out with the intent to kill young men – as you put it Christine. I believe the scheme was a positive way to help curb heating and cooling bills. Unfortunately insufficient regulations and monitoring were not put in place to stop shonky operators carrying out the work. Also it unearthed a lot of shonky electrical wiring that neither the home owner or the installers were aware of.

    • June my words have been misinterpreted. I agree that the scheme was brought in without sufficient regulations in the first place.

    • Christine read the whole enquiry and find out less people wer killed in the insulation Industry under that scheme than in the years before or after. One person died from drinking a high strength energy drink and climbing into a super heated roof. So we can now legislate against stupidity can we? Do we sue Governments because a driver dies on a Government planned road? As for the school rorts that were rumoured Rabbott had them investigated and found nothing. So you now more I suppose?

    • The journalists are the ones that fuel the information by not reporting it right. They just tell it how they see it

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