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These is a place where you can have your say. This is an open space for discussion about some very confronting questions in our society. How do you feel? What do you think? These are the real Q&A for the Australian over 60s today.


“Does great customer service still exist and is it still important?” 



The traditional customer service is dead. Companies are now just interested in cutting costs and shifting call centres out to India or reducing staff. They no longer are respectful of their buyers and great levels of customer service that we have had in previous times sadly longer exists.



Great customer service still exists but the forms have now changed. The internet is actually giving us greater opportunities to interact directly with companies and get quicker service through internet support, emails and social media. Also the service industry such as hotels and restaurants still give great service and there is in fact better service with more boutique providers.


What do you think?


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  1. NO! Generally speaking, there IS no customer service in most larger businesses today. It is a rarity to be able to speak to a human being at all – you usually have to converse with a computer generated voice and you have to use buttons rather than words to make yourself understood. Even on a personal level, when shopping in an actual store it is either impossible to find someone to assist you or, if there IS someone, they are usually too busy chatting with their fellow assistants to be bothered with a mere customer. There are a lot of notable exceptions to this, of course, and they are the shops we use, rather than the impolite ones!

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    • Agree with Brian. Bit like the scene in Pretty Woman. They could not be bothered serving her she she went and spent the obscene amount of money elsewhere. I have left many places like that to spend where I am welcomed and treated well. Yes there are still many that do this.

  2. I think decent service is only to be found in small towns. I love to go into our shops and find happy people, it always makes my day

  3. I believe if you courteous to salespeople, they are for majority very nice & helpful. If I have a problem, I ask for the manager. This usually scares the person enough.

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    • I am always amazed at the anger I see regarding talking to overseas call centres. If I can’t understand someone, I ask them to speak a bit slower. They are lovely people. Treat them with respect, & you will be treated better also!

  4. I spent the last eleven years of my working life in customer service and it was the best and worse job I ever did. The best part was helping people who treated me with the respect I deserved and so assisting them and making them happy was a pleasure. The worst was trying to help those who were just plain rude. It is very difficult to stay polite when you have some one screaming down the phone at you. On more than one occasion I have had the phone slammed down in my ear after being told to get f…ed so you can understand how hard it is to take the next call and still have that smile in your voice, and that’s the secret. If you smile while on the phone it does come through. I do agree with Brian pressing buttons to get service is very frustrating. The position I had was direct with the customer, no button pressing involved. Having been there I always try to remember two things when I need service. Number one is always smile. A smile goes such a long way. The second is try to remember the person you are talking to is not the cause of your problem or complaint.

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