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It’s a traveller’s worst nightmare: losing or having your passport stolen. It’s the one thing that absolutely cannot go missing on your dream holiday but there are those rare times when it goes walkabouts. Panic sets in – where is it? Who has it? What will I do? We’ve been there before, whether it’s a passport or something valuable.

So today, we want to talk about passports while travelling. Where do you keep yours?

Some travellers swear by hotel safes, while others insist on hold their passport close to their chest or, God forbid, in a bag.

There have been rumours and hearsay that hotel safes are easily accessible by staff – and it’s true. They have the code to the safes in case you forget it. So if you put something in there, it could be worthwhile to put a lock on that item too, so if you put your passport in a hotel safe, keep it inside a wallet with a lock!

Other travellers are much more cautious and want to carry their passport around their neck or in a waist pouch. While both do give you peace of mind, they could still be stolen if you are pick-pocketed or scarily held-up.

Tell us, do you keep your passport on you or in the hotel safe? Let’s talk!

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  1. I keep mine in the hotel safe, and I carry copies of it in my wallet in case I need it for ID. I also have a copy on my iphone and iPad.

  2. I think it’s OK to keep it in the hotel safe and keep a photocopy in your bag. Also write your passport number with your name and email details on a label inside your suitcase lid.

  3. Have never trusted hotel safe, always carry mine. Zipped inside a bag and always in front of my body. Have your travel companion carry a copy, just in case the worst happens.

  4. I always keep it in the safe but also a copy on me as well as having emailed (and then filed) myself a copy of all my documents/cards, that way I can access my information wherever I am ( I have a gmail account so can access it on anyones computer)

  5. I took photos and have them stored in Dropbox. I always have it on me. Also mi kids have a colour copy just in case.

  6. Leave copies at home with family as well as take copies with us. Never had a problem leaving them in a hotel safe but don’t trust to be safe in your home airport, had 3 stolen( all together), the amount of work it takes to report them stolen and the cost involved in having them replaced if not covered by travel insurance (I was).

  7. I always keep my passport and other documents along with some cash and luggage keys in one of those little pouches. It is on my all the time when travel ling. It allows me easy access and safety.
    I always have copies of everything in each piece of luggage.
    I have never had any problems. I never carry large amounts of cash and I never travel with valuable jewellery either.

  8. A lot of hotels in Vietnam demand it on it arrival, until u leave. Suppose it’s it’s in case they think u not going to pay

  9. I always take a photocopy of our passports then laminate them, just to be on safe side, but passports are on us at all times

  10. In the safe in my room. I have emailed myself a copy, have paper copies and my children back home have a photocopy. The number of my passport is also written down separately – but not under’Passport Number’.

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