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Dame Helen Mirren who received a damehood in the Order of the British Empire for services to the performing arts in 2003 has revealed her true thoughts on the royal family in quite a controversial style.

She has played the Queen four times now in different performances and even won an Oscar for one of them so she has had an unusually intimate insight into what the world of the royal family is really like.

She told the  New York Times that, “the world they live in is so beyond our understanding. You’ve never queued for anything. Ever, for anything. Every time you go in the street, the traffic is stopped for you. It’s a world you can’t imagine. They are, in a way, aliens. But, inside that, they are the same flawed, insecure, vulnerable, complicated human beings we are. It’s my job to get into the person who’s inside that world.”

The Daily Mail reports that she is reprising her role as the Queen in a Broadway show this weekend. She has said she isn’t a monarchist but instead a “queenist”.

She said, “I think people misunderstand because she doesn’t smile all the time. But she’s not a movie star, she’s a queen. Smiling is not a requirement. What’s required is to be dignified, to be almost iconic and self-controlled – not to be charming. In the end, I prefer that to someone who smiles a lot and secretly has bulimia.”

The beautiful Helen Mirren is probably one of the very few people who have had a reason to truly understand the Queen and the style of person she is so this insight is quite interesting.

Tell us, do you agree with her statements? Do you see that the royal family are just like us but live in a different way? Do you feel that monarchy still has a place in this century? Share your thoughts in the comments below… 

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  1. yes I agree with her, they live sheltered lives, way beyond the understanding of many of us and I think it is a sad life, imagine never knowing the freedom that we have to just be ourselves

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    • The Queen was born to her job and her life. No doubt she has many perks but also much responsibility and very little freedom of choice. I admire this lady. She’s accepted her lot and has done the job as best as she could, in changing and challenging times.

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      • I read an article that said the Queen once said that one of the perks (and she was smiling at the time) was being in the front row so she gets a good view of what is happening. She went on to lament that at her height, if she had to stand at the back she wouldn’t see anything.

        I think it was Prime Minister Trudeau’s flighty wife who, when interviewed many years ago, said that when she curtsied to the Queen, she lost her balance and couldn’t get up. The Queen’s arm went rigid and she braced Trudeau’s wife’s hand so she could haul herself up – and the Queen never missed a beat, so no one watching knew what had happened.

        I also saw an interview where a woman who was talking to the Queen was given a lesson in how the Queen manages to stand for so long. She demonstrated how the Queen showed her to stand. It works too if you have to wait for a long time with no seat!

        A final anecdote – my husband and I went on safari in Kenya in 1994 (wonderful experience, camera shootings only of course!) the guided tour company we went with had played host to Camilla and a friend the year before. They said she was great fun, highly intelligent and only too ready to mix in with everything. They really liked her. And regardless of what people think of her, she is the only one in that infamous triangle who has never said one word to the media and the work she does for charities brings in mega amounts of money and they’re only too grateful for it.

  2. The monarchy is an outdated institution that has no place in a modern democracy.

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  3. I’ve never really thought or cared about the queen smiling. I hate the idea of being bound by royal protocol & expectations.

  4. We are all human beings. She is quite right on that score and they are no different. Not all the amount of money in the world, nor all their privilege gives them any edge as far as avoiding the same health or mental problems that anyone else might suffer.

  5. What a extraordinarily insight Helen has of the queen,when all said and done they are only the same as us. I agree with what she said.

  6. I love the Royal Family. The Queen has done a brilliant job & I’m so glad to have had them to love & watch during my life. Now looking forward to the birth this year. It goes on & I love it.

  7. I am a big fan of the Queen, Prince Charles & the Royal family. I believe as Australians we are very lucky to have this wonderful heritage! God save the Queen!

  8. I agree with her and I also think the monarchy is relevant, and preferably to the precise cry model which is a political appointment and there does not please at least half the population

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