Wow… Look how these supermodels from our youth have aged (hint: they’re stunning)!

Some of the most celebrated faces of the last century have spoken about what it’s meant to be beautiful –
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Some of the most celebrated faces of the last century have spoken about what it’s meant to be beautiful – both as famous models in their youth, and today as older and wiser women.

Stars including Isabella Rosselini, Jerry Hall, Christie Brinkley, Christy Turlington and China Machado have featured in “About Face: Supermodels Then and Now.” You can watch interview excerpts in the video below.

Each celebrity recalled standout moments from her own career, including parties with Andy Warhol, meetings with Salvador Dali and working with legendary Vogue editor Diana Vreeland.

Modeling gave each of these women independence and an income, which wasn’t necessarily the norm.

As Isabella Rosslini put it, “I’m too old to have grown up with the idea that a woman should have a career. Of course you could work, but having a career would come second to family.”

“Modelling taught me that it was essential for women not to depend on fathers and husbands. It taught me the discipline that a career requires,” the celebrated Italian beauty added.

American actress Marisa Berenson explained that modeling was her artistic outlet.

“Style is an expression of yourself,” she said in the documentary. “It gives people the ability to be creative, and express themselves in ways that maybe words can’t.”

These days, Berenson’s style has grown with maturity. The same goes for Carmen Dell’Orecfice, who offered her thoughts on cosmetic surgery.

“Well if you had the ceiling falling down in your living room, would you not go and have a repair?” she cleverly asked the documentarian.

Today each woman focuses on her inner beauty and life accomplishments, rather than physical appearance.

“When you get older you build something else in your core, which goes beyond, because it has too,” Marisa Berenson explained.

“I have seen so many girls come and go because they had nothing going on inside,” she added when examining modeling today. The industry has certainly changed.

As Bethann Hardison revealed, “nowadays everyone wants their child to be a model. Back in the day, nobody wanted to be a model.” In fact, Hardison revealed that her mother used to assume modeling involved prostitution!

The pay was vastly different too. China Machado was once Europe’s highest-paid model. However, even at her peak in the 1950s, Machado was only being paid $100 per month.

Despite this, none of the women would change their chosen careers. Isabella Rossellini recalled “a world of wonderful people who were also very eccentric,” while Carmen Dell’Orecfice is grateful she got to “live history.”

Watch the video and tell us – how has the meaning of beauty changed for you?  

  1. Just what I need, more photos of celebrities with a totally pampered lifestyle compaired to mine, to remind me how old I’m looking 😒

    • I am with you too and really..who cares, they may as well be aliens their life style is so different to ours

    • Beauty is more than skin deep…its whats in the heart and what you do that matters and you ladies don’t need to worry about any of that…you are all gorgeous 🌸

    • Yep, just don’t get the whole idea of looking at photos of attractive older women, do they expect we should all be trying to look that way, I’d rather be looking at attractive men😜😄

  2. Sorry but I have no time for mutton dressed up as lamb. We need to be honest and dignified. Those that look 30 years younger are not being honest with themselves let alone anyone else.

    • You can still be honest and dignified by taking pride in your appearance. Better to look as mutton dressed as lamb than look like a frump or a slob

    • There’s taking pride and there’s taking liberties Judy, dress sense is one thing the plastic surgery etc is another.

  3. Stunning women from my memory…Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Maureen O’Hara, Rosemary Clooney, Doris Day. From today…Sarah Murdock, Jennifer Hawkins, Julia Roberts. Stunning men, Gregory Peck, Stewart Grainger and from today, Colin Firth, Harrison Ford, Colin Firth, Colin Firth and of course, Colin Firth!!!!

  4. It really doesn’t take that much time to put a little bit of effort into how you face the world each day… I had my 60th birthday celebration on Tuesday and I enjoyed putting a little makeup on and wearing my new outfit ( from Target!) Some of these models have been in the spotlight for many years and it must be so difficult for them to maintain their beauty and cope with the critique that follows… Whilst I would never have any surgical enhancements I can empathise with these lovely ladies who are continuously under scrutiny and how they look is their income…The one thing I cherish the most is we ‘ordinary’ females can look and dress how we like and not worry about the paparazzi lurking in the shadows just waiting to capture cringeworthy pictures of us that could possibly end up on the cover of some trashy women’s magazine! With age comes confidence and I definitely dress to please myself….At my birthday celebration on Tuesday my beautiful little Grandaughter Eloise planted a big kiss on my cheek and said ‘you look beautiful Granny’….That’s all I need to know! 😍

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