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Australia’s 12,000 newest migrants will arrive just before Christmas and at least one MP believes the best place for them is outside of the big cities.

Michelle Landry, a Nationals MP representing the regional Queensland electorate of Capricornia, believes the influx of Syrian refugees would fare better in Australia’s regions, where they could meaningfully contribute to and engage with the community.

She also believes the new Australians could breathe some life back into regional economies, filling agricultural jobs that many Australians “don’t like to do” such as fruit picking and abattoir work.

“There is a concern in agriculture that we just haven’t got enough people helping there, so if we could get them into these little country towns and form a community, I think it’d be fantastic,” she said.

She also believed those who are educated could be trained to work in local medical services. “We do have a lot of shortages for medical professionals out in the western parts of my electorate,” she said. “If we could get people to go and help with things like that, that would be fabulous.”

Ms Landry did not say how many refugees she thought her electorate could take, but she believed there was strong support from her constituents, according to the ABC.

However, if you listen to Pauline Hanson, who says she has the word of the everyday Australians, locals detest the idea of foreigners coming in and taking away jobs.

Traditionally, Syrian refugees are settled in Sydney and Melbourne, where they have a built-in community. Ms Landry believes some may be happier moving to smaller towns, rather than getting “lost in the crowd” in the large cities.

“In central Queensland we have a huge multicultural community and they really connect well together. We have a lot of multicultural functions.

“There certainly are the people out there that are keen to assist these Syrians and I’ve even been contacted by some of the church organisations, including the Catholics, to say that they would love to help settle these people in regional Queensland,” she said.

The ABC reports that a number of rural MPs and Senators have told the broadcaster they had been contacted by members of the public wanting to help. Some have offered to open up their homes to new refugees to speed up the process.


What do you think is the better option: settling the wave of refugees in cities with established Syrian communities or in regional areas? Would you welcome a group of refugees into your town? 

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  1. Ha ha she has no idea. I have lived in a few small Qld towns and shires. The people hate outsiders and any sort of change. There is nothing there to entertain themand no infastructure.

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    • I also have ived in Qld country side and found that people are very accepting and neighborly – where did you live – must have been a bad place

    • So many small Towns don’t have the housing ,in our Town of around 500 there would be one rental & a few houses for sale ,no transport available Definitely no jobs ..

    • Anneli Sinkko I was thrown out of the state gov for being honest so i bought a small postal agency in Ilfracombe (now Longreach shire) Was great for 5 years then the Bureau of Statistics asked me to help sort the electoral roll. You guessed it we got thrown out because the western towns have fudged the figures for years. I will never learn.

  2. What a desgusting lot most of you are! You don’t want them in your town and yet you are quite happy for your army to bomb their country and kill their people. Who the hell do you think you are?????

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    • Maria’s, I know exactly who I am. What concerns the majority of the Australian people is just who the hell these supposedly refugees are. Australia and Australians have a great big heart, the land of a “fair go” and “Howya going mate” we have proved that time after time with just about every nationality during and after every disaster and conflict throughout the world. This is a different kettle of fish, this is the start of “Muslimization” of the western world. Look to Europe, battles on the borders, hoards of young, military age men pelting Police with rocks. Want them here? No thanks. The Arab countries surrounding Syria have stated ” We don’t want them here, where ever they go in Europe they carry the torch of Islam”. I’m thinking you don’t live near Bankstown, Auburn or Lakemba in Sydney, that your unaware that there is a whole Police branch in Sydney called ” The Middle East Crime Department”. I know we as a population have no say in whom the Goverment bring into the country but I wonder how many of these Syrian refugees will be housed next door to Malcolm Turnbull or any of his cohorts.

    • You must think this Liberal is incompitent Peter and I must say I agree with you, it is up to them to make sure these people are screened before they come here

    • Peter Taggart, this is the most sensible statement I’ve heard on this subject. You are so right! People who suggest bringing these people into Australia at all are not seeing the big picture. They can’t see the dangers of bringing in all these radical young men. You only have to see what happens when they don’t get their own way at the borders of other countries. The violence they react with is part of their culture. I don’t know about Malcolm Turnbull, but I know I don’t want them living next to me.

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      • Mary, I note that you have an Italian surname – I am assuming that your forebears were once migrants?
        I can’t believe the meanness on this forum.

    • Peter Taggart I remember all the racist hate when the boats from Vietnam came it’s no different now. Yet those people settled well they bought culture and foods we all embrace. All I am seeing is the same racism the same bull fear that they are coming to take over our country. Most of these refugees are Christian but so what if they are Muslim I have many Muslim friends that are kind generous and beautiful people. They live in fear in Australia because of the hate. I might add to that so long as Australians maintain this hate we will encourage contempt with those poor Muslims having to fear walking down the street afraid of being bashed ridiculed spat at. Yep we really have an open heart don’t we.

    • How do you screen someone with no documents? How do you know that the refugees we are getting are Christian? We have this not of good character policy now which sees people from other countries being deported. That’s cool, they have broken laws. But there has been such a flood of people out of Syria, there is documented evidence that people from other countries are dumping their documents and joining the swarm saying they are Syrian. This tells me there are people amongst this lot that are not of good character. The government has set these rules, how are they going to enforce them?

    • Peter Taggart, perhaps you know who you are, but I doubt you really know well what you are talking about. Especially in relation to the refugees problem in Europe. Just rmember one thing: The US and Allies have caused this problem with they greed , lies and complete disrespect for other cultures. Now Europe is paying the consequences and will continue to do so as long as countries as Australia continue to bomb the land of those poor people. Is easy to attack people who are far away from you and unable to defend themselves. Yes, many Australians may have a “big great heart”, but also too many follow the like of Pauline Henson. ….A “fair go”and “howya going mate” is sadly becoming a thing of the past. And lastly, we all must not forget that, apart from the Aborigines, Australians are all new and old migrants, or the children of migrants coming from all the corners of the world……

  3. Look at Bankstown and Lakemba, see how they assimilated into Australian society……

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    • in th 1950’s Kerrie the camp was at Gresford, many of those people moved moved to Maitland and surrounding areas and they were welcomed and so will these refugees be welcomed

    • Absolutely Kerry! Look at Britain the issues they have full towns now completely Muslim…. Where it used to be mixed race mixed religions!!

    • check out Underwood, Woodridge etc here in Brisbane, I have had to change my shopping centre and travel further so I can do the weekly grocery shop in peace, not get trolleys shoved in my back , abused, etc and I am a disabled person, aged using a walking stick,

    • don’t worry Lynette Miles I am just giving kerry some stick 🙂 I know he lives in Maitland 🙂 he can handle it

  4. Absolutely brilliant idea. Our cities do not need any more ghettos. I am sure the y would be happier in an outback regional area.

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  5. Yes I think it could work for all concerned, I think when the refugees are placed in big cities like Melbourne and Sydney they can’t adjust to the overwhelming hustle and bustle of the city life.

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