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Look out, Jamie Oliver is on another rampage, and this time he has something very specific in his sights. The man who got men cooking and revolutionised Britain’s school lunches is halfway towards his goal of being heard in parliament.

The enemy is sugar, and Jamie Oliver says it soft drink should be slapped with a new tax. Here’s what Jamie wrote on the petition to parliament page:


Experts believe a tax of just 7p per regular-sized can of soft drink with added sugar could generate £1 billion per year. We believe this crucial revenue should be ring-fenced to support much needed preventative strategies in the NHS and schools around childhood obesity and diet-related disease.

Studies show that soft drinks with added sugar are the largest single source of sugar in the diet’s of UK school children & teenagers

Many health experts are increasingly concerned about sugars contribution to weight gain & type-2 diabetes.

Tooth decay caused by sugar is the most common reason that children aged 5-9 years are admitted to hospital & type-2 diabetes is costing the NHS around £9 billion a year. It’s clear action is needed.

Please show your support.

Jamie Oliver and Sustain

The health heavyweight – who has actually lost a staggering amount of weight since giving up sugar – has already hiked up prices on soft drinks in his restaurants.

His petition has already gathered well over 50,000 supporters. The UK government respond to all petitions that get more than 10,000 signatures; at 100,000 signatures, this petition will be considered for debate in Parliament.

Surely if anyone can get popular support for a new tax it’s Jamie Oliver – but is a tax on soft drinks really going to make a difference?

Many of the Jamie’s Facebook fans think there is more to be done: “I love Jamie Oliver, however how about placing some of the responsibility on the parents who think it’s ok to give their kids so many sugary drinks & sweets that they get like this,” wrote one. 

“Good on you Jamie, also need to get the adults to stop drinking them too,” said another.

Let’s talk: Do you agree with Jamie Oliver’s crusade against soft drinks? Or is this another celebrity who’s given up sugar and thinks everyone else should too. Would you sign the petition? 

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  1. No. Tax is not the answer to every problem on earth. It’s a greedy rort. Nearly everyone I know have given sugary drinks the flick, just keep educating people.

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    • Totally agree Linda, can you imagine the repercussions if sugar was taxed. So many products with sugars in them, the price of food will go sky high, and then they will try and extend the taxes to natural sugars, mark my words.
      We will get sick and die quicker because we will consume far more artificial sugar and the chemical companies will make trillions.

  2. he needs to be slapped and as for the rubbish about him getting men cooking i’ve been cooking longer than he has been alive

  3. Natural foods and water need better marketing and PR. they are cheaper but not the starlets of the food scene.

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    • Unfortunately they are not always cheaper, just recently while at lunch with a friend I ordered water she ordered a soft drink, my water was more expensive than her soft drink, so I think some people might choose the soft drink because of that, it’s a joke!

  4. I agree with Jamie – yes, it is revenue raising, but with a great cause. I would love to see this happen here. I would certainly sign the petition! Education of the dangers is not working. Young people are still drinking as much as ever Linda.

  5. No. I’m tired of people telling me what I can and can’t consume. My children don’t allow their children to consume soft drinks. It is up to the families to teach these things.

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