Why a recent trip to the post office left me feeling disheartened!

During a recent trip to my local post office, I was shocked to discover that collectable stamps are virtually a
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During a recent trip to my local post office, I was shocked to discover that collectable stamps are virtually a thing of the past. I don’t send special mail often, but when I do, I’d prefer to choose a stamp that is pretty or meaningful.

Just before Christmas, I wanted to send special cards to my family and friends. I spent some extra cash on a beautiful Christmas card design, that came with a bright red envelope. After carefully addressing each card, I assumed it would be easy to choose a festive stamp as well.

When I went to my local post office though, I was very disappointed. The manager there told me for international mail, my options were simply “The Queen, The Queen or The Queen”. I was given a choice of Her Majesty wearing either a garish pink gown, or a sombre grey one.

I asked whether there were any collectable stamps available instead. The manager replied that his range was only limited, because special edition stamps “don’t sell these days”. So after selecting an austere-looking Queen Elizabeth stamp and sending my cards off to England, I considered the local mail.

“I’d like a Christmas stamp please, so I can send festive cards to my family and friends throughout Australia”, I requested. The next answer was also disappointing. “I’m afraid we’ve sold out of Christmas stamps,” the manager informed me.

“We don’t get many Christmas editions in-store, because nobody sends annual cards anymore”. How saddening! I remember visiting the post office with my mother during the 1960s and 70s, and having the choice of beautiful collectable stamps.

Introduction to Australian Stamps: From 1927 up to now

Posted by Australia Post Collectables on Tuesday, December 22, 2015


Whether you wanted a floral design, an artistic photograph or just an Australian landscape – there was a stamp to suit any occasion. Collectable stamps brightened up the most special of cards, and we all knew people who kept their best stamps in keepsake folders.

These days, it seems your choice is extremely limited. Collectable stamps are basically a thing of the past, and you’re probably fortunate if the local post office even has basic supplies. My local postie had no 30c stamps this week, to add onto the 70c stamps I have already purchased!

It makes me sad that children these days won’t be stamp-collecting, because the need for “snail mail” is dwindling. I believe there’s still something to be said for beautiful stamps, personalised letters and handwritten cards. Collectable stamps used to be both pretty and practical, and I’d like them back please!

Do you remember collectable stamps? Have you found there are not special stamps available at your local post office today? Did you have a stamp collection?

  1. In other words, many of our previous Xmas & limited edition stamps WILL become collector items. ???

    • Hope so Lindsay, just passing my collection on to my grandson and it is a very large bag full.

    • Its very sad that people don’t write to each other like they used to.
      I’ve kept my stamp albums. I know, we have phones for this, but how often is the spoken word forgotten, while with a letter you can reread it .

  2. The guy who gets $4 million to run the post office is doing a good job ….of running it into the ground

  3. I thought it was really stupid that the stamps to post to England were pictures if the Queen…. They should have been something that depicts Australia

  4. Try living in Woodgate …. then you’ll know what disheartened feels like the postal workers attitude is ‘ its not their job and they don’t have time to put small parcels into PO Boxes’ …. go figure .. no wonder australia post is losing money .. #heldtoransombyaustraliapost

  5. I don’t know what to say t this one. I just can’t believe that not being able to get Christmas stamps could make you feel “sad”. There is so much in life that truly is sad, i really can’t see how that could rate as sad. Maybe disappointed but if it made you feel sad then I think it would be time to seek a therapist.

  6. No wonder the post office is not making money. I remember when most children collected & swapped stamps. Each year you could buy a book which contained all the stamps released that year with the story behind the stamp.

  7. Our local post office is great…the staff are brilliant, my local postie hands me my mail or puts it under the mat if its too big…but the Post Office as we knew it, the PMG is gone.
    My freind bought his sewing machine at the post office.
    I bought my printer.
    There is always a queue out of the door.
    $1 for astamp now.

  8. Soon when we go into the post office and ask for a stamp, they wil ask each other “where are the stamps kept?” !

  9. No one cares for the many many people who represent the minority
    .Not everyone is electronically capable.

  10. Amazing go to the post office to buy a stamp……….sorry we don’t have any, but go to one our local p/o and you can buy a sewing machine……just a thought….maybe “Spotlight” will start selling stamps.

  11. Our local post office is good too but where have my 3 parcels gone which I posted early December. None have arrived.

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