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Who are the people that have really defined Australia? It’s a question that doesn’t often spring to mind in a hurry, but it is something that can spark interesting debate. And tonight, that’s what we want to do – we want to know, who do you think are the most influential people in defining Australia?

A team of four art students from Melbourne Polytechnic University have created an incredible mural representative of Australians past, present and future.

According to Pedestrian, the people painted in this mural are; Indigenous sporting legend Evonne Goolagong Cawley; Melbourne artist and illustrator Leigh Hobbs; the late godfather of modern Australia, Gough Whitlam; somebody that you used to know, Wally De Backer; visionary modernist and architect, Robin Boyd; Australia’s epicurean materfamilias, Stephanie Alexander; thespian legend, Geoffrey Rush and the late, great disability activist, journalist and comedian Stella Young.

These are the people that are seen as iconic. The people who shaped Australia.

As an older Australian, do you feel this is accurate? Who do you think are the greatest contributors to shaping Australia? If you had to paint this mural, who would you paint? Share your thoughts in the comments below… 


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  1. The people mentioned only created visions of what people could be. I remember as a kid having lived with uncles on the land that had no electricity so used Coolgardie safes and kerosene lamps. They had come through the Depression years and worked like hell to grow produce for Commonwealth troops in WWII. They all had Volunteer medals but under Manpower laws they had to stay on the land to do what they did best. It cannot be said that they built a profile for Australia by gracing the social pages and seeking personal glory. It can be said though that these are the real people that were the building blocks for this country. Hidden and forgotten after the war ended and that is how they remain today.

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  2. So many of them, the mural could be from Sydney to Melbourne. Our pioneers, our soldiers, sailors , airforce, the women on the front lines and standing behind her men and raising children. Our professionals and our laborers, our workers and writers. Our builders and creators, our humanitarians. Two thing that should be definitely omitted is illegal

  3. The convicts, without them there would be no settlement in Australia, through blood sweat and tears, they paved the way for those came later on and they worked in chains

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