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The smallest little things can make the biggest difference to other people’s lives. Sometimes it is a smile, a helping hand, a donation or your time but doing something for the good of someone else unrequested, can be a joy for you too. Christmas is a special time of year – we spend time with friends and family, we smile, we laugh and everywhere is filled with happiness and cheer.

So today, we want to know, what act of random kindness have you performed over Christmas? What have you done to make a difference? Share your stories in the comments below…


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  1. My sister and I were on our way to Christmas lunch early so we could collect our 92 year old step mother from the home she resides in ( she has good days and bad) we planned to walk her back to our nieces beautiful home where the kids in the pool would intertain her with their shinanigans. We came around around a corner in the industrial area and there standing in the middle of the road stood another dear old lady who looked to me to be totally disorientated. We looked at each other and my sister stopped the car and we asked the lady if she was alright. She came over to the car and she was totally aware of her surroundings but she was looking for a Xmas lunch that was being held by the local Catholic Church but she couldn’t find it. We decided we would load her into the car and take her up to the church however at the bottom of the street we found the place she needed to be. The church provides a lunch for those who have no family and we dropped her there after checking it was correct. We then continued on to our major task of walkng our step mother to lunch I am sure our dear Dad would have been looking down saying to all who would listen “That’s my girls “.

  2. I try to live this way so they aren’t random they are a way of life. What is kindness,giving news, picking up rubbish, talking to a stranger. So many.

  3. Last night I went to sleep and forgot to shut my front door, no I wasn’t drunk I don’t drink alchohol, just very tired. The last random act of kindness DONE to me was for someone not to come in and rob and kill me!!

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  4. My ex husbands DIL posted that she couldn’t afford to have her three boys haircut, so I sent her the money. Before we left England we gave all our tinned food, dried food etc to my nephew and his wife….they are so broke with a new babe….and so very grateful.

  5. personally I believe if you do an act of kindness you should not spout about it

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    • Generally we don’t, but I think this is a nice way of sharing & hopefully getting others to do the same.

    • I agree, but I am posting to this discussion only to stress that any act of kindness has very positive psychological benefit for the giver. That’s my experience. Try it people!

  6. Mike donates his Phantom comics to the Leukaemia Foundation, RBWH radiology and Gladfield driver reviver for the kids to read.

  7. A few days ago in the Shopping Centre, I saw an elderly man pushing his wife along in a wheelchair. Without thinking, I took $20 out of my purse and gave it to them to buy a coffee. I love doing these things. It brings me a lot of joy. I am a single pensioner, not at all well off, but doing random acts of kindness makes my life worthwhile.

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