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Loneliness is a problem that so many over 60s in Australia and across the world face. It’s a feeling of a lack of companionship and quality relationships with other people. As we get older, retire, our children grow up and we face a myriad of lifestyle changes, our relationships with other people can become distant and the social connection we once had every day decreases. This is why staying socially connected as we age is so important. We don’t have to experience loneliness and to help us combat this problem, there is a wide range of groups, clubs and organisations that exist to help over 60s connect with others.

So today we would like to know, what social groups, clubs and circles are you in? How regularly do you socialise with other over 60s and where? 

By sharing our own personal stories and experiences we can help other over 60s who may be facing loneliness to learn about new groups and clubs that can give them social connection again.

This article has been sponsored by beyondblue. It was written as we feel it provides the Starts at 60 community with valuable insight into a highly important topic. To find out more about the work that beyondblue does and to learn more about how keeping social connections promotes good mental health, click here


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  1. I founded Life Stories Australia, Inc., a registered not-for-profit and charity in 2012 to start groups for seniors in urban, suburban and rural areas, originally in South Australia. The Life Story Circles are held in libraries and community centres, are FREE to attend and are ‘run’ by trained volunteers. We have Circle members aged from 62 – 97, all of whom tell a short life story each week. Each story is recorded and stored online where they can be heard by family members and eventually form part of Australia’s living history. Let me know if you’d be interested in a Circle, via our website http://www.lifestoriesaustralia.org

  2. I play Bingo on Friday at Wyong Bowling Club. My neighbours, those over 60 have formed a little Social group and we have Dinner at this club every couple of weeks. There is 6-12 of us. We enjoy each others Company.

  3. I just love U3A – I lead one course and take a couple of others. I’m also on the committee for my local Arts Council. And that’s apart from volunteering 2 days a week at a tea shop run by the Red Cross. I have to admit that I just don’t understand how anyone who is at all able to get out and about can feel bored or lonely – there’s just so much out there to do.

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    • You sound just like me Lynda. U3A (teach drawing and in a writing group) and volunteering and organising since I’m publicity officer of our art society. Also learn printmaking. It would be hard to be lonely if the opportunities are there.

  4. Visited a Probus group…Women unfriendly..did not return.
    I find enough to do & am happy.

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    • Oh Gillian that’s awful. Nothing worse than not being welcomed at a club. I attended one Ladies’ Probus Club and found the same as you. Never went back. It was Caringbah Ladies, so if any of you are reading this, please take note.

    • I’m sorry for both of you having had that experience.
      I am treasurer of our local Probus club and all visitors and new members are welcomed with open arms.
      We do have some members who are a bit snooty but they are the minority. The majority are friendly and welcoming and the committee are hard working.

    • I had the same negative experience as well, made to feel so uncomfortable, definitely not a welcoming experience would never attempt it again.

  5. Have just started looking into groups in my area (Bathurst nsw) after one year of retirement . Most of my friends are still working . Hard to know where to start ….

  6. I play bingo once a week would like to do more. Just moved into a new area dont know how to go about it.

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    • Christina. Meetup is really good for finding groups to join. Our art society subscribes to it and we have quite a few members who found us through them.

  7. Still work, go to gym so not much chance to socialize, looked into some groups but all were during my work or travel time

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