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Cancer touches so many lives and one of the most difficult questions we are faced with is, how can we help? When our friends and family are faced with a fight against cancer, what can we do to support them practically? Whether it is driving them to and from appointments or helping with daily tasks like cooking and cleaning, what are the most practical ways to support them?

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  1. Agree with you Colleen. Just be there for them. Hold them or hug them if they cry and never say “don’t worry, any of us could be struck by lightening or knocked down by a bus” since no-one goes to bed worrying about these things, but when cancer strikes, one can’t help worrying in the dark of night. I know this from personal experience.

  2. Be there for them. And don’t get upset everytime you talk to them like they were on death’s door. Help out with daily chores if you can.

  3. I had a lot of time on my hands as I was on leave from work. Anything that helped me pass the time was appreciated, from visits, lunch out, books or DVDs helped.

  4. Even if you have survived cancer, please remember this is their journey not yours. Unless they ask how you handled some aspect of cancer, don’t give them chapter and verse about your struggle. Listen to their story; if they don’t want to share, that is their decision. Let them know you are there for them, talk about everyday thongs, DO NOT look as if your visit is happening in a funeral parlour; cancer is a word not a sentence.

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    • The You are so very correct Karen. I endured leukAmelia treatment in 2013 & really got sick of hearing others breast cancer treatments, issues etc. Everybodys cancer treatment is different & each body copes with the respective treatments in its own way. Your experience isn’t the same as mine.

  5. well the truth is jst treat them normal like nothing is wrong its hard and dont pitty them cause it drags them dwn jst be yrself do normal happy things and behappy that u still can spent this time with them the happier they are the better let them remember thy happy thing in life okaay

  6. i should no cause i was one okaay and happiness helps fight it and change wat they eat no seafood no salt no sugar jst sugar from fruit all above it feeds the cancer also no citrus for a whole year eat everything natural no additives okaay

  7. …..so much to say..but we are all different in our needs and wants…I just want more drugs inbox me if you have spares. …joking joking …

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