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Sadly, I don’t think I know someone who has lived a life without being affected in some way by cancer. One in three women will be diagnosed with cancer before the age of 85 and one in two men will be diagnosed with cancer before the age of 85.

Christmas is an especially hard time for people dealing with cancer – whether it be themselves, a loved one or a friend. But together, we can help them. Today, we want to help those people by opening up the conversation and speaking openly and honestly about our own experiences and how our lives have been touched by cancer.

Your own story could be enough to help someone to make it through Christmas and stay positive, so share your stories with the community in the comments below…


Today’s Let’s Talk is brought to you by Cancer Council Queensland. This Christmas, they are helping people who are currently going through their cancer journey and together we can help. To learn more about the Cancer Council Queensland’s Christmas Appeal, or to make a donation please click here and remember, every little thing we do could help someone. If cancer is affecting you or a loved one at this time, we are sorry. Please phone Cancer Council 13 11 20 for information and support.

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  1. I lost my 2 year old in 1990 to a malignant brain tumour. Very sad but cancer affects everyone. Age is no barrier. Sadly brain cancer gets very little attention. Must find a cure. Affects a lot of children.

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    • Nolene thanks for sharing.we had a niece with the same she didn’t die until 19 she was severe brain damage.

    • Thank you bev and christine. It is a long time ago now and you do have to move forward with your life. In saying that it is always difficult around her birthday and anniversary as they are only 6 weeks apart. I am blessed I have 4 daughters and 3 granddaughters and a new grandchild next year. Any diagnosis of cancer is devastating and I can honestly say I never thought it would happen to one of my children at such a young age but sadly cancer does not discriminate. Thank you for your kind thoughts.

  2. I have lost my dearest and most beautiful friend in the world to bowel cancer nearly killed me to see her die this way and another friend lasted 3 weeks after she was told. It’s the most unforgiving I’ll ness out. And now my ex my girls father is dying from lung cancer. Only a matter of weeks.

  3. My grandma had skin cancer, as did a good friend and colleague. My husband was diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic leukaemia over ten years ago. We try not to dwell on it but live as normal a life as possible.

  4. I lost my dear husband to panaceas cancer 6 years ago & my youngest son to lung cancer 3 my son never smoked in his life & was the fittess of my 4 kids he fought it for 2 years & sadly we lost him 2 weeks before his 49 birthday it’s such a cruel illness I wish anybody who has this each day gets better for you

  5. I too lost my beautiful husband to lung cancer last year it was the worst experience we had ever shared. I miss him terribly every day.

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  6. Mum, dad , all of mums(4) sisters , my eldest sister, my two brothers . All cancer , all heartbreaking . I sometimes wonder how many times a heart can be broken and shattered before it too gives up. Must live for the day

  7. Father, father-in-law, friends and colleagues. It’s such a terrible experience. Thoughts to those who are dealing with the disease or supporting family or friends.

  8. I lost my youngest sister in June. Do not think I could have gotten through the loss without my faith. Also lost an aunt, cousins and friends. But some survival stories of winning the battle too over the years.

  9. Lost my husband to cancer 4 years ago I have a sister who is a cancer survivor and she is now 75

  10. Brother died of Lung Cancer (aesbestos related) and sister from Melanoma. Close friend is terminally ill from Brain tumours secondary to Breast Cancer. All well before the age of 80!

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