Unemployed Australians are knocking back jobs to stay on welfare

You could be forgiven for being more than a little frustrated at the attitudes of those in Australia on welfare.
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You could be forgiven for being more than a little frustrated at the attitudes of those in Australia on welfare. While the over-60s are being told to work longer, those on the dole are getting away with knocking back jobs so that they can continue to receive handouts from the Government.

It was recently reported that around 36,000 Australians have rejected job offers so they can stay on welfare payments funded by the taxpayer.

You have to ask why — if there is an opportunity to contribute to society in a meaningful way (i.e. through employment) — these people are turning a position down. It appears the reasons are many including that the person was under-qualified, was asked to work hours that were considered unsuitable, or needed to move to perform the duties of the role.

“[Centrelink] fails to address the mental health of the job seeker and when you discuss your issues and the restrictions that places on your job capacity, they continue to present you with options [that] you and they know are not suitable,” one woman told news.com.au.

Yet the attitude of the Government is that there is no excuse for choosing not to work and both treasurer Scott Morrison and acting opposition leader Tanya Plibersek agree if there are people taking advantage of the system the consequences should be serious.

“If someone is rorting, they should have the book thrown at them but let’s have a government that’s serious about supporting jobs for Australians too,” Plibersek said.

While Morrison told Ray Hadley’s radio program in Sydney that “if they knock back jobs, they are not taking those jobs, then they shouldn’t be getting the dole”.

Human services minister acknowledges that Australia’s social security system is strong if you are ‘down on your luck’ but says “it must be a safety net, not a destination”.

Of the 35,576 occasions where a welfare-dependent Aussie refused to take or hold onto a job some refused outright while others just didn’t bother turning up to work on the first day. There were also more than 20,000 who quit their job for no particular reason and at least 10,000 who were sacked from their employment because of theft, assault or harassment or unauthorised absences from work.

Despite these figures only a small percentage of those doing the wrong thing are being penalised by Centrelink.

That so many are comfortable on the dole raises questions and concerns about intergenerational welfare, where multiple generations of one family will spend their lives expecting and receiving handouts on welfare.

What are your thoughts on this issue? How do you think this issue can be resolved? Are you still working?

  1. Sue  

    Yes…. I am still working at 70 years of age. No……I DONT AGREE WITH KNOCKING BACK JOBS. Surely there are REAL figures….that is, minus those who cannot access the job within 90 minutes each way. If someone is expected to move for the job….surely it is in their and the government’s best interests to assist with cost. If someone is not qualified for the job, then why would an employer offer it to them?? They must be prepared to train them! Therefore, the excuse “not qualified” does not hold any weight!!
    Contrary to the comments in the above article….government DOES take genuine kmental illness into account when assessing job seekers.
    Pull out all the stops and the flimsy excuses and get Australia working again Scott Morrison!!

    • Jenny  

      I agree you should NOT BE ABLE TO KNOCK back a job Get these people out of the surf & even if they have to go & mow the lawns for the elderly at least it is work. Some people no nationalities mentioned know how to rort the system & are allowed to get away with it
      Scott you stopped the boats now go get the doles bulgers.
      Don’t get me wrong there are some GENIUNE people out there but a lot aren’t

    • Ian Marshall  

      It only becomes a destination if there is nowhere else to go. There used to be a realistic disability pension for the incapacitated.

  2. Rob  

    IK am still working part time at 79. Who can live on the pension? Bludgers have been knocking back jobs for the past 40 years to stay on the dole. As an ex farmer I have tried to hire seasonal workeerts even stood outside the center link offices and asked people comoing out ifthey wanted work for above award wages Cash in han d, lunch provided. Answers ranged from No tha nks, through I’m better off o the dole to outright laughter.. Whats new.

  3. Guy Flavell  

    How can trying to exist on the unemployment benefit of $240 pw be better than having a job?
    Seems to me that many (or most) of the 36,000 wouldn’t work in an iron lung … a disgraceful
    situation that Christian Porter needs to seriously address ASAP.

  4. Carole  

    I am 62 and presently working on a casual basis and seeking employment. With all due respect to those genuine people who want to work. What the article does not highlight are the types of work jobseekers may be offered…which may include heavy repetative work, work that is 30 kms away from their abode and is impossible if there is no public transport, or you do not own a car and/or cannot afford to pay for travelling expenses. Seasonal work such as fruit picking falls into this category. It is bloody hard work, under tough conditions, with minimal remuneration. God love them, we will drop dead trying to please them all.

  5. Pamela  

    “…Despite these figures only a small percentage of those doing the wrong thing are being penalised by Centrelink…”

    So… which Centrelink staff approved continuing payments to those criminal/fraudsters?

    Fire them and ensure new staff enforce the rules!

  6. Gavin  

    Hmmm, well, just what are the pay and conditions like on the jobs that are being refused? I do know of someone who was offered a job only to find that they were worse off working when transport costs, some attire etc were taken into consideration. I’ve worked all my life and never have claimed any handouts and I’m not siding with people who refuse work simply stating some facts. Perhaps some of the employers should be vetted.

  7. Bill Miller  

    The usa has been dealing with this since the 70″s they cant afford to go back to work Health ins. transportation housing food, etc is all provided The more kids the more money recieved Why should they?

  8. I think some of this could be resolved if students were to remain in school after year 12 if they are not going onto uni or college or to work. By remaining in school, to be taught work prep skills. Their parents to support them and Austudy payments to assist. There would be no unemployment benefit for these students.
    For others who are not able to gain employment, they also need to be cut from unemployment benefit and instead join work skills training. They could also be supported by Austudy. If the government wants to seriously help people gain employment, then do something about supplying extended education, and bring back manufacturing to Australia, so there will be industries where people can be employed. Never mind wanting people to work into their old age if they want to retire, this will,open opportunities for younger people to gain employment. There is no need for generations of families to live on welfare. Put an end to the welfare as it is. It is not working so change the delivery. Every able bodied person aught to be working or in training. If they do not present themselves to work or training they get no hand outs. Bring the age of adulthood back to 21 years and have parents take responsibility for their offspring. So many parents abdicate their parental responsibilities and this is why I believe this country is as bad as it is. There is no parental guidance and many children are left for the Welfare to,provide for them. Extended lessons in schools to teach living skills, parenting skills and pre work skills.

  9. TG  

    My nephew, who is disabled after surviving an attempted murder by stabbing, was taken off his disability pension and told he had to find a job.

    Thing is, he already works 11 very short shifts per fortnight, in the job he had before the attempt on his life. Because of his disabilities, he cannot physically work any more than that.

    So he has been told to ‘find work’ and sent to a job agency. He has to sit through talks on how to do interviews, update his resume and so on. The job agency is sympathetic to his plight, but they too must go through the motions of pretending the intelligent yet disabled young man is there to get a job.

    Because of his small income from the bit of work he does, which used to supplement his pension, he is ineligible for any kind of living payment, and can barely afford his pain medication, let alone food and clothing.

    Not everyone refusing ‘jobs’ is in a position to do them.


  11. christine perry  

    if there is no job, national service is better for the country than the dole. people on the dole should be given food stamps, utilities coupons and a small amount of cash…very minimal cash. the dole should not be considered an employment opportunity but a hand when in need. it is ridiculous that we continue to go out to work while others choose the dole…grow a set australia and stop talking about everyone elses civil liberties and ignoring the civil liberties of those who actually prop up the country and it is not the dole bludgers. check it out many people are choosing the dole and bleeding the system, many people are getting the dole and secretly working, they do not give a continental about the workers of australia so why should we work to support a lazy, non productive unaustralian lifestyle. this country was not built on the back of the welfare system

  12. Sue B  

    I wish I could get a job! Haven’t had one in over 10 years. Have current qualifications as a Bookkeeper, but no one wants a newly-qualified bookkeeper with only some experience. Have run my own company, and had several accounting positions in previous jobs. I’m now over 60 and still looking for part-time work as I also have a disability which restricts the number of hours I can work. Currently studying for the Diploma of Accounting, just to get a job. Can anyone please tell me what I’m doing wrong?

    • The watcher  

      What you are doing wrong?
      1. Not being left 2million by your dad
      2. Not going to melbourne grammar
      3. Not having your fortune in the Caymans
      4. Not corruptly accepting scholarships for your kids
      5. Not claiming charitable status when you are a)a political lobby group
      b) a pop pastor selling hokum
      6. Not being a bilionaire and getting further billions in subsidies
      7. Not needing a rail line in Qld.
      Apart from that you must be a lazy criminal job refusing dole bludger, just like Our Saviour Scotmo says.

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