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One of Australia’s national treasures announced his retirement on the weekend but there was no flashy press conference, no moving moment between fans and their hero. Instead, he quietly told his team mates that he’d played his last game and would be moving on.

Adam Goodes played 372 games, kicked 464 goals, won two premierships and two Brownlow medals. He co-captained the Swans, captained Australia in the international rules series and has played more matches than any other Indigenous player. In other words, he is an inspiration, a veteran of Aussie Rules, and should be honoured accordingly.

But Goodes has decided to stay away from the remaining games of the season, including the Grand Final and its accompanying parade with the lap of honour for retirees. The reason: he fears being booed.

How did it get to the point where a hero of Australian football has to walk away from the game he loves with his head bowed? It’s not as if he is in disgrace – on the contrary, Goodes has had many vocal supporters from the media and the field alike.

But former AFL footballer and commentator Tim Watson agrees that Goodes’ fears are warranted.

“I really think people would still boo him, because after all this, after he stood down for a week because of the mental anguish associated with the booing, he came back and there was still booing,” Watson told SEN radio.

Meanwhile, Eddie Maguire has urged Goodes to take part in the finals celebrations and the lap of honour. Speaking to Triple M radio, the Collingwood boss said, “I think all fans would love to send him off. I know there’s been all this booing at times and at times it’s been gratuitous and other times it’s just been part of the play, but I wouldn’t think anyone would boo Adam Goodes on a farewell lap at the MCG. Surely not. I’d love him to get a big round of applause.”

It’s believed Goodes has retreated from the spotlight and will head off on holiday with his family, missing the finals all together.

Do you think it’s right that Adam Goodes should fade away rather than going out with at least some kind of fanfare? Is it fair on him? Is it fair on his fans? What does this situation tell us about Australian culture today?


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  1. what the hell is wrong with you Australia ????

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  2. Please define a hero?

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    • I don’t like hearing sportspeople called heroes just for playing sport. No self sacrifice or bravery in their actions. They play for themselves, the kudos, personal enjoyment and sense of achievement, money and awards.

    • noun
      noun: hero

      a person, typically a man, who is admired for their courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.
      synonyms: brave man, champion. …and Adam Goodes is a fine example of a hero. Two Brownlow Medals and former Australian of the year and tireless fighter against racism esp against his people. He has my vote.

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  3. He is only a footballer – his attitude was the cause of the booing. He has not done the cause of the aboriginal community any good at all. It is such a shame – I know an aboriginal person who is thoroughly ashamed of Goodes words and actions.

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    • He has stood tall about discrimination and racism!Its some Australians who find it uncomfortable!Indigenous people are proud of his stance.Read their comments!

    • Militant ones agree with him – but there are many who are very happy with their lot – like my friend.

    • So if a child throws a tantrum (attitude) you bring it up week after week after week?? No wonder we have so many children/people with problems? Has anyone ever heard of deal with it and move on?? I dont even watch or follow AFL but what went on with this man was nothing short of bullying!!

    • So if standing up to racist bullying means you are a sook, un-Australian, failing to assimilated, etc etc…. Well I say bring on the sooks ! We need more sooks in this country! Power to the Sooks !

    • Rubbish. We need everyone to have respect for everyone else – his “spear throw” event cost him all respect. That was not standing up for anything – it was entirely aggressive.

    • RexandSue Mapley – as your grammar is poor, not sure what you are trying to say, sorry. Which discrimination and racism has he “stood tall about” ? Some Australians feel uncomfortable” -which ones and why? Isn’t Adam Goodes an Australian? We know his father is of Scottish ancestry, and I think his mother is of “Anglo/ aborigine”ancestry, but he is Australian, having been born here, as well, only 35 years ago. My own granddaughter has same heritage as Goodes, just born in Melbourne a few years later.

  4. He’s a black bastard who tried to treat us like idiots and failed ha ha ha

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  5. “Hero?” Has he risked his life to save someone? Has he shown unbelievable bravery in the face of danger? That is the definition of hero. Or did he just play a sport that he loved? If so, what is “heroic” about that? Exageration is so annoying.

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    • noun: hero;
      a person, typically a man, who is admired for their courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.
      “a war hero”
      synonyms: brave man, champion.

    • Adam Goodes IS NOT a hero, that is an insult to our true hero’s he is a whinger and no I am not a racist

    • Yes Wendy., totally agree, not a hero, not a national treasure., whinger is all he is and nor am I racist, needs to grow up

    • He has done a lot for the Aboriginal communities. Educate yourself as to why he was honoured as Australian of the Year. It wasn’t because he kicked a football.

    • He is not the only person in Australia that has done a lot for Aboriginal communities. He won the award purely because he was a known name as a footballer and the committee wanted a spotlight on the award. There were more deserving Australians who could have won the award.
      I do not believe that sports people (regardless of what charities they assist) should win this award. Someone who find a cure, etc are the deserving people of this award.
      Just because someone may have an opposing view does not make them a racist.

    • Very sad, as a lot of people will remember him for his attention seeking behaviour, not for his playing skills! He was rewarded for bad behaviour, definitely not a “Hero”.

    • Don’t think you need to be quite so vehement about it and Rebecca Deacon there are a lot of categories to the award and not just one the awards don’t need a spotlight they are very well known. No one claimed he was the only person working for the aboriginal but he does do a lot of work for his community and i don’t understand why you are so anti Adam Goodes

    • Wendy Groves Wendy was only talking about the wrong use of the word hero she didn’t have a go at Adam Goods like you.

    • not a hero, simply a sportsperson who got paid handsomely for what he could do……….that’s not a hero

    • Rebecca Deacon you need to read your first post again and you may see it clearly read anti Adam Goodes if that’s not what you meant then perhaps seclect your words more carefully because once written its out there

  6. I find it hard to believe with all the publicity around metal health and bullying, that there are ferals out there that think their booing is in anyway funny. It is also the sort of crowd behaviour that discourages many parents from taking children to games. Fine maybe to boo at a incident of dirty play to express your disapproval of that action, beyond that it’s just a form of harassment.

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    • Why not Judy, I fail to see how that provoked anybody. Players celebrate their goals, he did something different that is all. Do you get your knickers in twist when a NZ team performs the haka. The behaviour of the crowd at later games was pathetic as was some of the garbage sprouted by AFL commentators.

    • You obviously do not follow rugby union or you would understand that booing is an accepted part of the game. Virtually every place kick is booed by opposition supporters.

    • I do understand Trevor I follow basketball, yes the free throw is booed by opposition supporters. I love Rugby Union and miss having on TV here in SA. The action is booed either the dirty play or booing to try to put a player off a set shot. This was on a different level, the war dance was booed, not good but it occurred at the time so not beyond the emotion of the moment. Booing at other games though with no immediately preceding action just became harassment

    • I am sick of politically correct people’s attitude
      Say like it is for Gods sake and be an Aussie We have Winners and losers
      Now we carnt cheer the Winners or Boo the losers

    • Angie its called many things, in this case I don’t think political correctness is one of them. Sportsmanship, common courtesy, good sense. I’ve cheered winners but it would never occur to me to boo losers. Obviously there are some real ferals among AFL supporters.

    • Barb I agree with you sweetie BUT this is why came back lol 8.30pm tonight 4 corners the Dethroning of Abbott

    • Booing has always been part of football & nothing meant by it,but society is now so precious, they need to harden up…Goodes is his own worst enemy….

    • Why are you so upset about an indigenous war dance yet applaude the haka?? NZ has it right in so many ways yet our history not just European is laughed at or even worse sneered at!!

    • Judy why on Earth would people boo if it means nothing. I can understand booing if an opposition player takes out one of your team or in some sports while an opposition player takes a set kick at goal, I could even understand perhaps a reaction to Adam Goodes war dance, but to carry on with it game after game long after the initial action to me is just wrong. It becomes harassment and bullying nobody likes to be on the receiving end of such behaviour. Feral behaviour by the pack, I suspect most involved away from the pack are considerate and well mannered.

    • I don’t watch NZ football…I don’t really care what they do,but I believe Goodes is his own worst enemy…my opinion!

    • Oh so now spectators can’t be spectators! Too many bloody do gooders around,, not mentioning any names

    • Were you at the “offending “games ? If not , you cannot judge , if you never went to a game , you cannot judge . Listen to some of the retired players and find out what they heard . Ask some older supporters who they booed . Don’t think you will find anything racial about them ,

    • Barbara Easthope No, but one of the Hawthorn boys was stopped a few years ago for pretending to shoot into the sky when he kicked a goal because it was seen as “confrontational”. Bad luck if he came from a long line of farmers I suppose. And perhaps Goodey two shoes got booed last weekend because he was kicking the legs of a Hawthorn player and he’s just been fined by the MRP for it. He got booed because he was a dirty player and that is all.

    • Libby English Perhaps because Aboriginal people came out and said it WASN’T a tradition war dance?

    • I absolutely agree Barbara Easthope you just have to look at these comments to see bullying and harrassment I never watch football but cannot understand people’s nastiness.

    • Barbara Easthope Libby English… The difference is that the NZ harka war dance is directed at the opposition. Goodes war dance was directed at the fans!!!! A war dance directed at the fans is inciting problems.

    • Jenny he never suggested it was a traditional war dance, it was commentators that first suggested that. If Adam Goodes only got booed when he kicked the legs of a Hawks player fine, but I doubt that was the case. Lindis a dance, is just that a dance, he didn’t leap the boundary fence and dance in the face of spectators, so hardly inciting anyone. To go on booing him week after week is just pathetic in my eyes, and amounts to nothing more than bullying and harassment. I expect Adam Goodes has personally contributed more to Australia than the majority of those booing him.

    • Yes he played football, he was also Australian of The Year, awarded for the work he was doing with troubled youths. He helped set up a football academy for indigenous youth.

    • Really Barbara Easthope, we should know better than try and talk sense! He is an aboriginal that is doing something for his people he’s even been recognised for it can’t have that!! Most aboriginals that have succeeded in anything not only have to be VERY good at what they do they have to have a a hide of steel as well! Then those very people that make it hard and push them to the stage of despair and they go off the rails, have the satisfaction of saying “I told you so”! Australia and its tall poppy syndrome is alive and well!!

  7. Sorry but I don’t agree, he brought it all on himself to start with, & now he wants people to grobble to him, let him get out of the country with his girlfriend for 8 weeks who cares.
    He won’t be missed unless the bloody media makes a mountain out of a mole hill as they always do

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