This 89-year-old is walking around Australia – his reasons will make you smile!

When Pete Tripovich started walking a lap of Australia aged 80, he was determined to achieve his dream. Now nine
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VIA Seven News

When Pete Tripovich started walking a lap of Australia aged 80, he was determined to achieve his dream. Now nine years on, Pete is restarting the journey, inspired by the memory of his wife Jan.

Pete had previously walked more than 10,000 kilometres from Melbourne to Pemberton (Western Australia), before he learned that his wife had been diagnosed with cancer.

He immediately rushed home to care for Jan on their family farm, spending the next nine years by her side. Unfortunately, Jan eventually lost her battle to cancer.

After a time, Pete felt compelled to finish the walk he started. “The voice in me head said ‘Pete you should go back and finish that'”, he recently told Channel Seven.

On Australia Day, Pete will recommence his walk from Manjimup, north of where his previous journey ended. There will be another 3,500 kilometres to traverse, including a stretch through the Nullarbor.

“It’ll be a great achievement I’ll say ‘Hallelujah here I am. I’ve made it after all these years'”, Pete said. His proceeds will go towards charity.

Does Pete inspire you to finish something you’ve started before? Isn’t this 89-year-old inspiring?

An elderly man who walked thousands of kilometres around Australia for charity but was forced to stop so he could care…

Posted by EDK on Thursday, January 14, 2016

  1. First up this story makes little sense. He is planning to walk around Australia. He has walked 10,000 kilometres between Melbourne and Pembroke, W. A. Then your story says he has another 3,500 kilometres to go. Australia must have shrunk. The story also states he has a section of the Nullabor to traverse. He has already crossed the Nullabor. As for the gentleman good on him. I hope he completes his dream.

    • I was wondering the same thing as it looks like he’ll have to do a lot more than is original 10,000 kms. I wish himewell as he’s a brave man to continue this at his age.

  2. That reminds me of the joke about the man who was told by the Dr to walk 1 k day, That was 6months ago and we haven’t seen him since.

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