The Herald Sun ignored bigotry complaint on its crossword

This Letter to the Editor appeared in The Age last week, drawing question over a crossword question featured by the

This Letter to the Editor appeared in The Age last week, drawing question over a crossword question featured by the Herald Sun.  It asks a very interesting question about what type of society we live in today that this clue and word combo might be found in a national newspaper.

The clue for the crossword was “visible punishment for her sin” and the word in the puzzle was “Shiner”.

The writer of the Letter to the Editor, Susan Bush or Emerald makes a point we think is worthy of discussion today.  What do you think?

visible punishment offensive
As appeared in The Age
  1. Linda  

    All I can say is that it is very obvious that it was a “male” who was responsible for the “clues” given in relation to the crossword puzzle, and I would say one of the “older” generation at that. The word “shiner” is of the older generation, it is not something you would hear these days in the younger vocabulary, and that same generation frequently thought it was “okay” to hit a woman, I know as my mother born in 1924 was one of those women that got frequently “knocked about” by my father, mind you never in the face as that would have been visable to everyone and more shameful indeed for him. Unfortunately today family violence against women still continues, and is more prevalent in the ethnic communities than ever before as well, my sister is a manager of a “rescue centre” for abused women and children and the majority of them are now from ethnic backgrounds. Young men and women today need to be mindful when raising their sons not to be a perpetrator of violence, and for their daughters not to “condone” violence by anyone towards them, and NOT just physical BUT verbal abuse as well. Children generally learn from their parents situation and unfortunately sometimes follow in their footsteps, but that can be turned into a positive just as easily as well, be the opposite to what you experienced first hand. If you grow up in a family where there is no respect for each other it is generally all downhill. My father’s problem was alcohol, whereas today it is both alcohol and drug abuse that is often the contributor to being abusive.

    • Joan  

      Alcohol and drugs are not the cause of male on female violence – it has everything to do with power, and disrespect of women.

  2. I do heaps of puzzles and I would never have thought of shiner. However, if the “she” had been left out, the answer could have been the same.
    I have no time for domestic violence perpetrators, however, I think this is an overkill and I’m surprised the news media treated it with contempt.
    @Linda – I’m of the older generation and I’ve never hit a woman, neither has my father nor my son. Not everyone comes from a family of thugs.

    • Sandy Williams  

      For God’s sake it was a cryptic clue so if “she” had been left out you would no longer have the clue for the anagram of her sin which becomes shiner. Plus I would hardly think that the clue would send great hordes of men on a rampage giving women black eyes.

  3. For goodness sake, its just an anagram and I bet the composer of the puzzle never even gave it a thought. To take offense at this would be the same as reading in to Enid Blyton books that Noddy and Big Ears were gay. Get a life!

    • john  

      I thought they where , just joking the world has gone mad , people are finding fault with every thing today .to tell the truth you are wrong
      Joh Burrows

  4. Trish Foster  

    Why does everything have to be analysed, sort out. There are bigger problems in Australia right now that are a HUGE worry

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