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If you have a look in supermarkets shelves today foreign owned fruit seems to vastly out number those made in Australia.

It is disheartening to see that fruit from Brazil, California or even New Zealand is cheaper than fruit grown here in Australia. It doesn’t make sense.


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Our country has an abundance of natural resources and vast and varied climates, which are perfect for growing fruit amongst other agriculture. Our Australian products are also, in my opinion, of much higher standard and higher quality. But what is going wrong and are we seeing more and more foreign fruit?

Looking into it further, it is reported that these imports are cheaper because of government handouts from their country and because their workers are paid well below the minimum wage.

But should we say no and “stop the boats” to this foreign owned fruit in favour of our own “grown in Australia” products, even if they are more expensive?

I know that in a rush I often go to my local supermarket and pick up whatever fruit is presented, but on returning home and check the label, I am disappointed. Is it too much to ask that our Australian owned supermarkets stock Australian grown produce rather than just whatever is the cheapest price?


I am keen to hear your say today, should we say no to foreign owned fruit?


Kate Chaundy

Kate Chaundy is a writer on the Starts at Sixty Editorial Team. "I spend my time seeking out, researching and writing on the topics our over 60 community ask about". Kate has more than 13 years in marketing and communications and a lifetime of experience as the daughter of baby boomers.

  1. Likewise frozen vegetables. Nearly all imported.

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    • Need to be careful with frozen vegetables too. Those marked product of New Zealand are most likely grown in China under unhygenic conditions shipped to NZ where their labelling laws allow these to be marked product of as long as they are packaged there.

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