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I want to suggest something which I am sure will be controversial but I think the discussion needs to be started. First let me say that I was brought up in the Catholic faith and although I am not a very regular church goer I do celebrate the major feasts of the Christian calendar. I took part in nativity plays and enjoyed the Christmas concerts with the associated carol singing. I carried this on when I was bringing up my children. We had lots of car journeys to the accompaniment of ‘We Three Kings’ and Shepherds both watching their flocks and washing their socks.

Over the last few years greetings have often been changed for this season to ‘happy holidays!’ While it is entirely possible that the person wishing me this may not believe in Christ and is just wishing me well; I wonder why.

Perhaps it is time for a huge change in thinking. It seems very apparent that lots of people in the Western world do not think of themselves as Christian, in which case why do they celebrate Christmas? The main things people appear to celebrate is Santa and the giving of presents. As I write this I am watching a rerun of ‘carols by candlelight’. It’s been on for more than an hour and a half and we have had the fifth Christmas Carol, as in one that mentions the birth of Christ! Every other song, including Deck the Halls only celebrates a celebration or a wish for peace. Whilst a wish for peace is an excellent wish, it really has little to do with the birth of Jesus.

Perhaps we should reduce the public holidays to be just secular ones, like Australia Day and leave the religious days to be celebrated privately as the Jews etc do.


Share your thoughts with me today!  

P.S. I am wondering a little why it is called ‘Carols by Candlelight’ as they are few and far between so far. I hope that by the time it has finished it has more carols as I do enjoy them.


Note: This ‘Your Say’ was sent in by Sheila Beer, a community member of Starts at 6o.  

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  1. Oh God yes very tiring and expensive

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  2. Don’t forget it started as a pagan ritual to celebrate winter solstice

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  3. I doubt it heather rolleston, would be nice though, but we do like our holidays don’t we?

  4. I love it when this question is raised. People don’t want the ‘religious’ events but are more than willing to take the holidays associated with them. And to keep the holidays they change the meaning of the day to suit. If it’s such a problem for folk, be brave – don’t participate in the day and don’t don’t take the holiday.

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    • Yes don’t take a break during Christmas season, keep working and refuse gifts like ordinary, boring day. Or maybe a mentally deranged person would prefer to bomb a shopping center? It’s not boring…it’s deadly.

    • If you celebrate Christmas Easter and deny there is a God you are nothing but a hyocrite. Changing the name to “Holiday Period” doesn’t alter the fact it IS Christmas and Christ was born.

    • Yep your right on there. Don’t like what it represents. Don’t take a holiday. And I’m not a church goer either.

    • People can take what they want from these religious holidays. Doesn’t make them a hypocrite, makes them a part of the community who loves their family and that needs a rest, which is often holidays imposed by an employer.
      So by your logic if you’re a Christian you shouldn’t have any non-religious public holidays? Get a grip morons

    • If you do research you will find it would appear Christmas Day is not the actual birth date of Christ. My reading indicates that the date was changed to compete with a pagan festival. And are all you people who are terrified that workers might have a well deserved break, actual workers, or are you privileged stay at home people criticising actual workers? Actual reasons for holidays often change. It is a time for family to get together! But you people want to stop that apparently.

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      • Interesting term Lesley, “real workers”. I love to hear people talking about how the “workers deserve shopping time with their families”. Why does this not include the shop assistants who worked long after the shops closed on Christmas Eve getting ready for the Boxing Day sales, stayed open for 32-36 hours straight with shortened times between shifts and opened their doors again this morning as early as 5.00am? Are these people not “actual workers” who also deserve time with their families?

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        • Hear! hear! Yes! Yes! Karen O’brien-Hall, you are correct. Shop assistans ARE real workers who keep the wheels of commerce turning while others have family time, and so do hospitality workers and nurses and emergency services.

    • I’m wondering how my non-Christian colleagues would actually manage to work a normal day on Christmas Day when everything (including the office) is shut anyway?

  5. Definitely not its the only time some families get together because they live so far away from each other

  6. It’s a pagan ritual. Jesus never commanded his followers to celebrate his birth. His death he said to keep remembering to do that.

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