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In perhaps one of the best things we have heard about coffee shops in the last year, there is a coffee shop who is doing nice things for nice people.

According to Good Food, a cafe called the Seven Mile Beach Kiosk in Gerroa south of Kiama offers discounts to customers who are polite. The chalk board at the front of the store says, “A coffee – $5.00” “A coffee please – $4.50” “Good morning… A coffee please – $4.00” and they really do follow that pricing guide.

Seven Mile Beach Kiosk co-owner Kylie Pickett said they wanted to do it to create a happy community. She told Good Food, “We’ve always had a sign out the front with something silly or fun on it, to make people laugh and brighten their day, but then one of our employees saw a sign like this when she was on holidays and sent us a picture, and we thought it was a great idea,”

“It’s just a nice, positive thing. I think a lot of people who come through here are a bit time-poor, so they don’t take the time to think about manners – and I don’t think it’s something that’s taught as much as it used to be.

“Hopefully, if people see the sign, they’ll think about them a bit more and use them a bit more, when people come in here and say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ it really does make our day and makes the whole shop a better place to be.”

But, she also shared that there were some negative effects of implementing this pricing system – people actually stopped coming to the cafe as they didn’t agree with the pricing or perhaps that extra “please” and “good morning” were too much effort.

But what do you think? Should more independent stores adopt pricing like this to remind us all about the good manners we should be using? Tell us in the comments below…

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  1. Great idea. It never hurt anyone to be polite!

  2. Great idea – good on you. Just a little sad that folk need to be reminded of manners though!

  3. As a Cafe owner in Port Macquarie most of the customers say good morning already as we also do – it is a good idea though and can lighten peoples day.

  4. Yes I agree with the coffee shop people. But it is sad that grownup people have to be reminded to observe manners and common courtesy.

  5. It’s great. There should be a lot more manners without the lovely bribe.

  6. I love it and if I lived anywhere nearby I would certainly go there. I’ve found good manners can rub off – thank you, you’re welcome, smiles. It can work the other way, too, but I try not to go there!

  7. For heavens sake! What has happened to society that good manners are a chore! I think it’s a great price structure and also good for a laugh. Who wants customers who object to being polite Sheesh!

  8. An excellent idea and I would add one more to that list “$20 – a coffee for anybody who says ‘Have a nice day’ which is an appallingly insincere Americanism.

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