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The debate over airport curfews is livelier than ever, with no end in sight. Where do you stand on the fight between night noise and travel convenience?

Until now, airport curfews have prevented many Australian flights landing too late at night, allowing communities nearby to get a good night’s sleep.

However, multiple airlines have claimed their planes are now quiet enough that it’s no longer necessary.

To anyone who’s had a delayed flight to Adelaide cancelled due to curfew, the idea of dropping it could be welcome. Those who live near an airport might, understandably, be a little less enthused.

Only four airports in Australia currently have curfews in place: Sydney, Adelaide, Coolangatta (Gold Coast) and Essendon (Melbourne). However, more may soon join their ranks.

The Age has reported that a Melbourne airport curfew is “inevitable” if housing developments in the area continue on their current growth.

Likewise, Perth Airport representatives are concerned that a night curfew is similarly inevitable, suggesting this would ultimately lead to higher ticket prices.

It goes without saying that airlines aren’t a fan of this restriction either.

Qantas and Singapore Airlines have both argued in the past the curfew at Sydney Airport to be ditched entirely, allowing planes to travel at all hours.

Both airlines claimed current curfew of 11pm-6am – and the cap of 80 flights an hour – restricts growth.

They also stated that planes were now quiet enough to land (but not take off) without disturbing people as they sleep.

Do you believe the suggestion that curfews are no longer necessary? Are planes really quiet enough to take off around the clock?

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  1. I’ve lived a long time near the airport. Trust me, if a plane lumbers overhead in the small hours you’re going to know about it! They might be quiet enough to fly through the night, but not take off or land at a place near you.

  2. They have changed the routes over us and we are 10 klms away from the airport but we get noise overhead so don’t hear much difference in quieter planes?????

  3. Curfews will have to be lifted simply to accommodate the volume of traffic. In most cases the airport was there first and the houses are growing around it. Situations where planes are turned back as they are a few minutes over curfew are an incredibly inconvenience to passengers and airlines alike, often leaving the airlines next day schedule in disarray too with the required plane not at its starting point. New houses built under flight paths should all be built with double glazing and other sound muffling. The problem with 24 hour airports is the unsociable hours they can schedule departures as many overseas travellers via Dubai or Iceland may have experienced.

  4. It’s the old story to most residence , you bought your house knowing that the airport was there . Or maybe developers shouldn’t be allowed to build under a flight path .

  5. I have lived and worked under a flight path and believe me it’s no picnic. For those who say “if you choose to live near an airport” you have no idea what you are talking about and pathetically dismisses that people HAVE to live and work where the houses and jobs are. I am now facing the prospect of again living under a flight path because without my consent an airport is proposed in my superb where there has never before been an airport . At my retired age and when I have always opposed the airport, are you now suggesting it was my choice to be woken at night, and to stop all conversations while a passing plane drowns out my voice? I am strongly apposed to the airport curfew being lifted. I am also apposed to the Airport being constructed near me, but like the other half of my community I have probably lost that battle. Tell me it’s still my choice to live under the flight path when I moved here 35 years ago when there was no airport. I am strongly apposed to lifting or omitting curfews despite any crap the airlines spew out about so called quiet planes – they are like politicians, they lie.

  6. Simple: build a second airport with no curfews. Sydney is big enough to have multiple airports; and it’s because of the constant bickering between federal and state governments, who needs to foot the bill for infrastructure, that we haven’t got a second one.

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    • Mike here-yep, build a 2nd airport & watch the people flock to that new area to build their houses, then in 20 years time they can whinge.

    • We could have had a second airport, years ago , A Albanise is against it, as is his wife, Both have Electorates in the area.

    • Victoria did that when they built at Tullamarine which had only open paddocks around for kilometres. Local councils allowed the land to be rezoned,and signs pointing out the fact that the land was in a noise prone area were pulled down by developers. Don’t buy land near an airport if you don’t like aircraft noise.

  7. I live near an airport, like to see the planes landing etc but would like double glazing especially in the late evening when the flight to Dubai takes off.

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