Qld to consider allowing abortions for women up to 9 months pregnant

The topic of abortion is under the spotlight today as the Queensland parliament considers a bill that would allow women

The topic of abortion is under the spotlight today as the Queensland parliament considers a bill that would allow women who are up to nine months pregnant to have an abortion.

It is set to drive huge debate both inside and outside of parliament today.

A number of high-profile politicians have already come out to say they support the bill with Billy Gordon, Shane Knuth and Rob Katter all giving it the tick of approval.

The fight between pro-choice and pro-life campaigners has been a contentious issue for a long time now, with heated protests and arguments taking place outside of abortion clinics.

Police have even been called to move along protesters who were heckling women as they entered the clinic.

It’s a topic that divides many with some arguing that a woman should be able to choose when and if she wants to have a child.

They say it worse for a child to be brought into the world when it is unwanted by its mother.

Others though, liken aborting a baby to murder and say there is no room to negotiate on this issue.

Every state in Australia has different laws when it comes to abortion with most enforcing strict rules and regulations around the procedure.

The ACT, Victoria and Tasmania have all decriminalised abortion, making it legal for a woman who is up to nine months pregnant.

However, late-term abortions in Tasmania, defined as past four months, and Victoria, where late-term is classed beyond six months, require approval from two medical practitioners.

The law is much stricter in NSW where an abortion is only legal if a doctor believes the pregnancy is a serious danger to a woman’s life or physical or mental health.

What are your thoughts on this issue?

Should women be able to abort a baby at up to nine months pregnant? Should women be able to choose the right to have an abortion? Or should the practice be banned?

  1. Joan Marshall  

    it is awful enough aborting a baby in the early months of pregnancy but at nine months the baby is fully formed is this world going to be so cruel to allow this to happen. If the Mother of the child does not want a child she needs to avoid the pregnancy in the first place by taking the PILL which is the sensible thing to do. I am against abortion but all for prevention.

    • marianne jorgensen  

      There should be no abortion after 3 month exept if is a matter of life and death.There is no need to be pregnant if you don`t want to.There are so many different ways to protect against pregnancy,so there are no excuse,so abortion should not be an option at all.

  2. Denise fitzgibbins  

    From the time that a foetus becomes viable ie capable of surviving outside the mother’s womb abortion should be classed as murder as it is the killing of a baby rather than a cluster of cells.
    There are still many women who are unable to become pregnant and who would be happy to adopt an unwanted baby

    • I can’t understand why anyone would ever choose a nine month abortion in preference to adoption.

      • The only reason I can think of would be if – for some very exceptional reason – it was only just discovered that the child would suffer uncontrollable pain and suffering.

        I do believe it should be the mother’s choice – but only at an early stage – say up to 4 months. After that time, it should only be possible (with medical consideration) if continuation would risk the mother’s life or future wellbeing.

        I understand that the pill and other contraceptives are not always 100% reliable, but abortion should not be used instead of careful contraception.

  3. I do not think anyone can judge a woman’s choice until you know all the circumstances of that pregnancy. However, I do believe that if a baby can survive on its own accord it should be adopted rather than aborted. There are a lot of women who would love to be mothers and cannot. Adoption is there only choice. There should be no judgment on the mother, she has her reasons, and believe me I don’t think any mother would give up her baby easily and without conscience, it will be bad enough for her to live with her decision, without blame.

    • Susan Baker  

      It is murder. Let the ba Uni e and have it adopted ,,,,

    • Leanne  

      Why would any woman go through nine months of pregnancy only to murder the baby at the end? This should be a criminal act. All abortions are murder regardless of how far along the pregnancy is. I will never understand how anyone can kill their own flesh and blood. If you don’t want it, there are plenty of desperate couples out there who would be more than happy to adopt it.

  4. Mary-Ellen  

    Abortion, at ANYTIME, is the murder of a human being.

  5. Jeanette Smith  

    I have always been pro choice about abortions, but anything after 3-4 months is wrong. If a woman’s doesn’t want a baby, surely she can make up her mind before 3 months.

    • Sally Tyson  

      Up to 12 weeks gestation, OK , sfte

  6. Maree Eggers  

    This is wrong, wrong, wrong!
    Why is it exceptable to kill an unborn child, and on the other hand, it is an offence in some states, to kill a snake, with a $10.000 fine and 2 years in prison!

  7. Elaine Ott  

    Who speaks for the rights of the child? To abort a child is to murder a child and that should be unacceptable. As one of the above commenters mentioned…. there are laws in place
    to stop us killing animals and trees…. so there should be laws in place to protect the unborn child who has no voice.

  8. Janette Atherton  

    Can’t believe what I am reading !!! How utterly evil to kill a 9 month old foetus who is nearly born. What about the Couples who can’t have Babies and would gladly adopt ? I cannot accept abortion except when the Mother’s life is in danger. How can these Mothers live with themselves, I feel very sad for them .

    • Without seeing what is contained in the new legal proposals, it is wrong to assume that it will be made ok for an almost full term baby to be aborted at a whim or as an inconvenience.

      I would assume (and strongly hope) that it would only be legal and possible to have a late abortion in VERY exceptional medical circumstances. Each pregnancy is personal and should be considered carefully before any judgements are made.

  9. joanna kelly  

    What a SICK ,SICK Attitude and to think that a woman gives birth at nine months but other women want to have a dead baby because they don’t want it….
    How in the hell can a woman carry a child for nine months then kill it!
    OMG what is the world getting becoming… ?????????????????

  10. I cannot believe I am reading something so absolutely barbaric, ghastly, unthinkable and inhuman and it is in Australia. At nine months a baby is viable and a little person so this would be murder. There are so many people who have to look overseas to adopt a baby. There should be a law that states that anyone wanting an abortion at 9 months must have the baby normally then it is given to loving new parents to adopt as their own. Handled by the DHS section of government services.

  11. Gail Raad  

    I can’t believe this is even being “considered”….it’s murder for heavens sake.
    While I agree that there are some reasons that abortion should be available in the early stages of pregnancy…at 9 months there is no room for consideration.

  12. Noreen Hynes  

    This is shocking news. It is murder and those politicians who pass such bills should be behind bars. It is Wrong, Wrong, Wrong. Every life is precious.

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