Public schools are now banning Easter altogether

A state school in Sydney has banned Easter hat parades, with the principal at Bondi Public School reportedly determined to
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A state school in Sydney has banned Easter hat parades, with the principal at Bondi Public School reportedly determined to “put an end to any use of the word Easter”.

Principal Michael Jones first attempted to ban Easter parades in 2011, sending a warning letter to parents. However, his efforts at the time were met with widespread outrage.

This year, Principal Jones has removed the term “Easter” from the school’s annual hat parade. According to The Australian, parents are fearful of speaking out against Principal Jones again.

An anonymous parent told The Australian that banning ‘Easter’ hat parades was an “appalling decision”, and a “shame for the little kids”.

“All the hats have eggs on them. I wanted to speak out ­because this is ridiculous — but I can’t make a scene”, the anonymous parent said.

“Plus the kids won’t understand at this age, it’s only kindergarten to Year 2 because the older kids don’t do it any more”.

When media contacted Principal Jones for a comment, the matter was referred to New South Wale’s Department of Education.

“Holding and naming such events is a local management decision made at the school level”, a departmental spokesperson said.

“Bondi Public School strongly encourages parents to raise any concerns directly with the principal or a member of staff”.

In fact, negative comments about the Easter ban has even been deleted from the school’s Facebook page. It’s just the latest in a string of political correctness that has Australians seeing red, though.

A one woman commented online, “I’d rather they didn’t hold a ‘hat parade’ rather than spoil the traditional and enjoyment of the ‘Easter hat parade’! When will this PC madness end?”

Should Easter be celebrated in the traditional way, even within public schools?

Has political correctness gone mad, or should Aussies be more sensitive to other religions?

  1. Cheryl Moulton  

    This is a Christian Country, and immigrants and/or refugees should work in with our customs and beliefs, not the other way around…this is disgusting!

    • The watcher  

      No,Australia is not and never has been a ‘christian country’. Not in the constitution or in majority of the population. The first peoples were not xtians nor were the vast majority of non anglo migrants. Xtians of all the various sects are less than 50% of the population see ABS statistics.

      • J Stafford  

        You are giving the wrong impression with the ABS figures.
        In the 2011 census the total number of people surveyed was 21.5M. Of these 13.1M answered that they were Christian and the rest were of other religions or no religion or religious affiliation not stated. Other sources quote the total population as 22.5M.
        So the majority of those surveyed were of the Christian faith.
        Thank you for putting the cross into Christian. Most appropriate for Easter. Of course Xmas also puts the cross into Christmas.
        The next Census after 2011 is in August of this year.
        My data from ABS

      • Julie  

        Our whole society is built on christian principles regardless of people being christian or not. That is why we have so many rights for people, that is why we are such a good country to live in. Check out all the countries that are not built on christianity and choose the countries you would prefer to live in.


    • Susan Baldwin  

      The Education system is full lefties and greenies.. They are very dangerous.
      This is disgusting..the parents should stand up and take the control back.

    • dianne  

      I would like to know, what right do they have to change our way of life and traditions….so sick of these weird people, just because you hold a special post ( as in a principal and such ) you can change everything… get yourself a live and leave ours alone.

    • Carole  

      This is getting out of control when are people going to stop this pc nonsense..

    • Lyn Mackie  

      It didn’t originate as a ‘Christian’ celebration ….. adopted yes but not christian ….. google the origins …. also Christmas while u r there!!!

    • Di Davey  

      I agree people came here because there was religious freedom where has that gone?

    • Denise  

      It is disgusting . I believe that this country is on a fast track to becoming a non Christian country.

    • Yolanda Brunton  

      This headmaster investigated as i am worried about his beliefs and motives.

    • Marg  

      I agree Cheryl, after all they came here , if they wanted to practise their beliefs, customs and religion they should have not come here to upset us by trying to change ours. Keep ours the way it has always been.

  2. Easter “Hat” parade???? Since when has a “Hat Parade” had any religious meaning, or been a custom or belief?
    My Grandsons’ Public school allowed them to make family Easter greeting cards, other rabbit related crafts, and their teachers talked to them about the meaning of Easter from the traditional Christian approach. Please don’t jump in and blame newcomers to our country, they do NOT have to embrace our customs and beliefs, they just have to accept that we have our own, and they have ours, and they generally do just that.

    • i agree it is the people who have taken it upon themselves to be our carer ,our conscience and the keeper of our morals who do this we have a right to bring our children up as we always have done with our own traditions most people of other religions or traditions who dont want to follow ours have a choice of keeping their children home that day. why do these do gooders think its terrible to upset one child but perfectly alright to upset many

    • Julie  

      The Easter Hat or Bonnet Parade is just a tradition going back to when people wore new clothes for Easter, which is spring in the other parts of the world. That’s why we have an Easter Hat Parade and why we still should, we don’t have them at other times, usually. Leave the Easter in the title and be done with it. If you don’t like it, stay home.

  3. Claire Hancock  

    Celebrating Easter is a part of our culture, whether you take a purely religious approach to it, or a more secular approach. Why on Earth would anyone want to ‘censor’ a cornerstone of our culture?

    If it is because of a fear that it may marginalise people of other religions, then that is a complete nonsense. A good test of whether a decision makes sense is always to put the boot on the other foot and see if it still fits: would people from a Western culture or Christians in general living in a country that is predominately Hindu, Jewish, Muslim or Buddhist expect the people of that country to NOT hold their traditional celebrations because it might upset the Christians? Of course not!

    And if you actually ask the leaders of other faiths in this country, they have quite clearly stated on many occasions that they have absolutely no problem with Australia celebrating their traditions. So, what is the problem??

    • Karol Cartwright  

      Summed up perfectly – you wrote what I couldn’t put into coherent words!

  4. Cheryll  

    What a load of nonsense this is young children I hope still believe in the Easter Bunny what harm is it doing making a Easter hat for school the fun they get doing it plus spending time with their parents. I’m visiting my grandkids at the moment and both my grandkids had great fun making their hats (ages 5 & 8) for school this morning. My son and daughter in law both work due to the economy and seeing them last night at the dinning room table making the hats laughing and having fun time was great. So please tell me why does this principle feel he has the right to change an Australian tradition.

    • The Easter Hat (or Bonnet) is NOT an Australian tradition, it is an American one, which began around 1870.

    • Nell  

      I agree with Cheryll it would be a shame to rob children of the easter bunny. They can still be taught the religious side of easter. I see no harm in children enjoying the easter bunny they grow up too soon

    • Nell  

      I agree with Cheryll it would be a shame to rob children of the easter bunny. They can still be taught the religious side of easter. I see no harm in children enjoying the easter bunny they grow up too soon

  5. Elizabeth  

    Just yet ANOTHER example of this Country’s PC’ism gone totally barking mad!

    Pandering to minorities’ is NOT the normal way Aussies live!

    Just stop all this c@&), & let’s live NORMAL Aussie lives!

    • Amanda  

      This brings me to tears. Michael Jones, rather than ‘pretending’ to be inclusive of all, is actually a bigoted and cruel man, covered up by his fancy suit and his employment as school Principal!

  6. Easter is a religious celebration. Those who don’t want to participate in Easter celebrations should stay away; NOT try to ban it. Principal Michael Jone should be dismissed. or told to pull his head in and stop trying to stop kid having fun.

    • The watcher  

      Religion has no place in schools. Favouring one religion over the available 13000 plus gods to placate is a nonsense. By all means have bunnies, chocs,parades if you like but keep the religious fantasy at home.

  7. The watcher  

    The principal has not banned eggs, bunnies, chocolate or the hat parade. He has dropped the word Easter. Very clear in the article. Now I cant find one word in the bible about bunnies, choccies, hats or holidays. So if you want a religious connotation drop the other stuff and celebrate your prophets resurrection quietly at home. It is not Australian it is a middle eastern religion that has been adopted by the european immigrants and forced on everyone else.

    • Ruth  

      Actually, Eoster is a pagan goddess. Hence the bunnies, eggs etc as rites of Spring, which it is in Britain .

    • Janine evans  

      Fortunately for everyone Jesus does not force Himself on anyone . When He created man He gave us a choice. That’s the greatest love of all.
      Are you relaxing on your Easter Break, given to you be those who chose to Love Jesus in return for His sacrifice. Enjoy!

  8. This has got to stop, what happens will it be Christmas next ? We are a christian country for Gods sake let us stay that way..

    • The watcher  

      Thou shalt not take the name of the lord in vain…fail christian 101.

    • Patricia Dallimore  

      agree with your reply, short sweet and to the point!!!!!!!!

    • Lyn Mackie  

      It didn’t originate as a ‘Christian’ celebration ….. adopted yes but not christian ….. google the origins …. also Christmas while u r there!!!

    • Chris Martin  

      We are not a Christian country. There are many other religions here and a growing number of atheists. All these have been in this country since the first fleet and, along with the Christians, completely ignored the beliefs of the original inhabitants. None of the Mormons, Jehovahs, Buddhists, Hindus or atheists in this country celebrate any Christian festivals, but none of them care enough about them to want them banned. But, someone please find me references to Easter bunnies and eggs in the bible.

      • Jane  

        According to the last Census, there’re MORE Christians than other faiths. Cults don’t count.

        So, Chris, Australia’s STILL a Christian Country, with the current PM, & previous, being Catholic.

        2016 Census should be interesting, with all the Muslims allowed into here. .

    • Julie  

      It already is Christmas in some schools in England.

  9. Denise Ogilvie  

    I attended the Easter Bonnet Parade at my granddaughter’s primary school this morning. It was lovely to see so many parents and grandparents from a wide range of nationalities supporting the children. I’m not sure who had more fun – the kids or the adults..

    • The watcher  

      I am sure the Koori would love to know that their land is inexplicably ‘christian’. Yoou imigrants ruin everything with yourseird ideas that you force on people.

      • The watcher  

        Sorry this was meant formaryanna.

  10. Maryanna  

    This is a disgraceful situation in a Christian community. We have to stop letting them dictate to us in our own home . This is terrorism in its purest form and we are letting it happen

    • PC has gone completely mad , any thing where kids can have a bit of fun the PC people have to say no,

    • Chris Beecroft  

      Could not agree more, I have always been tolerant of other cultures and I don’t pass judgement on anyone however I find it extremely difficult now to accept that we have to change as a nation because a few minority’s are offended by our culture and traditions and yes this is terrorism in it purest form. Muslims in this country of ours say they do not agree with terrorism, but they are not doing very much to help stamp it out, I have to wonder why.

  11. Liz Craig  

    Absolutely insane! What’s the principal’s beef with Easter?

    • Julie  

      Probably nothing, he just wants to keep all the locals happy. I don’t live there but expect there must be a lot of non christians attending the school.

  12. Stephen  

    The principle needs to be removed, he is a disgrace how dare he this is Australia, if he does not like Easter go live in the Middle East they don’t like it rather

    • The watcher  

      You folow a middle eastern religion. And sound mjust as intolerant as the ones that you complain about.

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