Parents get a dressing down by a school principal – have standards really slipped this much?

A British school principal felt compelled to write to the parents of her students, not about about the children’s behaviour,
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A British school principal felt compelled to write to the parents of her students, not about about the children’s behaviour, but the parents’ attire when dropping them off.

Skerne Park Academy principal Kate Chisholm wrote,

Dear parent/carer, 

I have noticed that there has been an increasing tendency for parents to escort children to and from school while still wearing their pyjamas and, on occasion, even slippers. Could I please ask that when you are escorting your children, you take the time to dress appropriately in day wear that is suitable for the weather conditions? 

While this may seem to some a minor point, I am sure you will agree that it is important for us all to set our children an example of what is appropriate and acceptable in all aspects of life, not only from the point of view of their safety and general well-being but also as preparation for their own adult life. 

This principal’s letter echoes a similar move by Tesco supermarkets in the UK, which banned PJs and slippers in its stores.

It doesn’t seem like that long ago, one wouldn’t be seen dead opening the front door in your pyjamas, let alone dropping the kids off at school. Is the slipping of standards a shame, or does it make life easier – and more comfortable?

Ms Chisholm told Today Parents, “People are comfy in their pyjamas and also feel they can sort of get away with it. A decade ago, it definitely would have been unthinkable to even answer the door in your dressing gown.”

Apparently some parents have made a point of fronting up in their PJs in response to the letter, while the principal has also copped a lot of flack on social media.

Do you ever sneak out in your PJs? Do you think it’s acceptable attire? Does it surprise you that parents had to be told this?

  1. I’m appalled when I see people at the shopping centres in their PJ’S which over the past couple of years has happened on several occasions, I just can’t understand WHY anyone would think its ok to shop or take their kids to school in their PJ’S. Pride in ones appearance was at one time everything, not so it seems these days.

  2. PJs are very comfortable personally I like having a PJ day now and then. I’ve been known to mow the lawns duck up the street for milk or have a cuppa with my friends at home in the afternoon in my PJs. I think they are no worse than track suits personally.

    • Excuse me Julie Booth a bit moralistic and judgmental I think. I say yuk to you.

    • Charming comment Julie, very judgemental. It must be hard being perfect and having to live on the planet with the rest of us mere mortal plebs

    • I have a shower and a change from sleeping pj to daytime pj. So no one has said anything, the pants are the same as casual or beach day pants and pj tops are t shirts. I hope I never get as uptight as you people that are having a whinge about the younger generation. I’m 64 and lovin’ my casual style of dress.

    • Me too, love to spend the day in my jamas, did it yesterday. Spent the day in my sewing room with me. You would never know except the shirt says I <3 to sleep. LOL

  3. Never, I remember my 6 year old daughter wanted to wear her slippers out. I said we don’t wear slippers when we go out. We got to the shops and my daughter said look that lady is wearing slippers in a very loud voice. I quickly told her to be quite, saying maybe the lady had hurt her foot and couldn’t wear shoes

  4. I think she ‘s absolutely right. It’s no example for children as shows laziness and worse no respect

  5. In summer I wear large Tshirts to sleep in, they are to my knee and I must admit I wear them around the house , they are soft and comfortable but I would never go past my front gate unless I was fully dressed

  6. I also support the teacher. It only takes a couple of minutes to change , put on some sandals and run a comb through your hair. Deliberately turning up to the school in your pj’s after she wrote the letter teaches children disrespect. Who would want to wear their pj’s and slippers to a supermarket anyway!! Good job teacher for at least trying to keep up the standards

  7. I’ve gone on my pjs. Under a big coat and boots one knew. I did it once. I knew. Don’t judge me. I don’t understand how people stay in Pjs all day. I cannot function without a shower everyday.

    • I also have gone out in my Nightie under my Trackies, to drop kids off or pick up some Milk, but never walked into a Shop or anywhere in just my Nightie!!

  8. It was in England and they had big warm coats over the top. It would take just seconds to swap pj bottoms for warm trackies or jeans though, no excuse for it.

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