Newspaper columnist strikes back

This could be the single most direct, bold and entertaining response from a newspaper columnist we’ve ever seen, but your
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This could be the single most direct, bold and entertaining response from a newspaper columnist we’ve ever seen, but your opinion on whether it is the right approach is worth having.

The newspaper cutting from the Denver Post has been shared widely across social media from a column called “Ask Amy”.  The woman who wrote in apparently wanted the columnist to side with her and feel pity on her troubled situation.  But she did not have any sympathy.

Do you agree with the columnist? 

Ask Amy

  1. If this is true – and so many things which have gone viral on the web have later been shown to be fake – I agree with the editor.

  2. I agree with the response! If it is true then the sisters and cousins are being really selfish. At least they could have given this woman an invitation. She probably would have declined if she was not interested in the activities!!!

  3. Whether it has been around a long time or not, there is a lesson to be learned here, those people that go to church are not necessarily christian in the true sense of the word!

    • I have found many who go each week are the most judgemental, discriminatory, sanctimonious eejits and would much rather not be a churchy and live my life as I see it. MOST atrocities have been done in the name of religion through the ages & even in today’s world.
      My mother’s step father used to go to church every Sunday but be a drunkard the rest of the week.
      I think some of them think that if they attend church it forgives all their transgressions through the week. Just do not get it personally.

    • Personally, I have found more Christians out of church than in. Not one of them would say they were Christians. Actions speak louder than words.

    • My first thought too Ann. What a bunch of insipid excuses. If she’s short of money, how about they all chip in and pay for her lunch. The editor got it spot on right

    • To all these ladies. Bloody well said. If that was me I would tell red neck sister to go fuck her self what a nasty silly cow she is.

    • The lesson here, no matter whether a churchgoer or not, is DON’T be selfish and DON’T reject your family. Stand in the other person’s shoes awhile and imagine how they feel. By the way, attending Church does not make you a Christian any more than living in a garage makes you a car. I have met MANY fine Christians in churches over the last 60 years but also have met many who are NOT Christian but are there because they think it’s right or will score them points or just to cover their bases in case God is real. Don’t judge all Christians by those that YOU think don’t measure up and remember we all are just humans on the road of life. God is not finished with ANY of us yet. Hopefully this Sad Sister will take the response to heart and reconsider her unkind, meanspirited attitude towards her sister and the family will be united again.

    • Rosalie Dann in the small country town I grew up in, whoever didn’t go to church was the one the others gossiped about. It ensured regular attendance, but said little for the ‘christianity’ of the rest of them

    • I belong to a charity group most are very devout . We always start with a pray . 1 time 1 of them gave me a card with the pray on it as she was offended that i just stood with my head bowed till it was finished in respect of them. When i tolled her i,m a pagan she walks around me now , I’m so tempted to say zap your a frog just to see if she jumps , lol . To each their own but never hold a persons believes against them

    • Absolutely correct. Actually, for all those pew polishing, holier than thou church goers I have met, I have yet to encunter a true Christian!

    • Kerry Down what a lovely person she is , that’s Christianity for you ! You are a much better person than her . Good for you .

    • That is very generalist statement. Not ALL people who go to church are hypocrites. Many of them live out their beliefs and deserve that recognition for being kind, concerned for others in an active way. Dont tar them all with the same brush, thats very unfair.

  4. I’ve seen this one before … and my view hasn’t changed … there are people who are Christians and there are people who go to church frequently; and they are not necessarily the same people.

    • And then there are people who aren’t Christian and don’t go to church but are still good people.

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