New York blizzard revealed something we already knew… men are a bit pathetic

Far be it from us to generalise but every single person in the Starts at 60 office got a laugh
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Far be it from us to generalise but every single person in the Starts at 60 office got a laugh out of this, and we think you will too.

The massive snow storm that slammed the east coast of America shut down New York, Washington and other cities for a couple of days. But as soon as the snow ploughs were able to get out there, so was half of the US Senate. And guess which half that was?

That’s right… the women!

Daily Life reports that when the Senate reconvened on Tuesday after “Snowzilla”, every senator, staff member and page in the chamber was a woman.

“Now, this was not orchestrated in any way, shape or form. We came in this morning, looked around and thought, something is different this morning. Different in a good way, I might add,” said Alaska Republican Lisa Murkowski said as she opened the session. “But something is genuinely different, and I think it’s genuinely fabulous.”


So where were the blokes? You got it; they called in sick. They were probably rugged up on the couch with a blankie on their knees and a nice hot cup of tea (or coffee, being Americans) and a caring wife rolling her eyes at them when they weren’t looking.

In terms of the women of the US Senate, Murkowski said, “Perhaps it just speaks to the hardiness of women. That you put on your boots and put your hat on and get out, slog through the mess that is out there.”

Does this remind you of anyone you know? Are you one to soldier on? And does your man hit the decks at the first sign of a cold?

PS: Starts at 60 would like to acknowledge all the wonderful contributions men make to our world 😉


  1. The women just couldn’t stand being shut up with their husband and family any more 🙂

  2. My husband is a trooper and so are most of the men I know. I realise this heading is tongue in cheek but it’s uncomfortable for me. There are good and bad men and women and it’s this mass lumping together that brings with it issues. We each have our strengths. Let’s celebrate those.

  3. I’ve noticed at a lot of places where there are men and women ‘working’ together all the men standing around yakking and the women the only ones actually doing any real work. This wouldn’t surprise me at all I know of many occasions where the women have got in and finished a task while the men are still discussing how to start.

  4. Some people (men and women, )make a situation worse . There is a situation to assess, a time to act , and a time to step back , because You CAN make the situation worse. KNOW YOUR SKILLS. and let others use theirs

  5. I think some are missing the point and taking this too seriously. Laughter is (as they say) the best medicine. Whoever they are!

  6. You surely are putting us to the test here. Personally I have made my way to work when roads have been closed as the police were only controlling the highways, I would travel 30 km’s on roads covered in ice and snow and further more many other males were doing the same thing. On the other hand, I would not leave home if my family needed me to be there. I do agree there are some that push the safety thing a little to far to their own advantage.

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