My opinion: The world is lacking true leaders today

Our world today is lacking leaders with true moral conviction, and people are feeling scared. Now is the time to
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Our world today is lacking leaders with true moral conviction, and people are feeling scared. Now is the time to look for real compassion, empathy and goodness in the leaders we elect.

Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela and John F Kennedy were all great leaders throughout past decades. There’s nobody like those men anymore.

Today, we are left with frightening political candidates like Donald Trump, Clive Palmer and dud religious leaders like Cardinal Pell.

Using non-violent principles, Gandhi helped lead India to independence from British rule. “An eye for eye only ends up making the whole world blind”, was his most famous quote.

Nelson Mandela overcame racism and apartheid to give black people a voice within South Africa. Mandela believed, “education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”.

Over in America, John F Kennedy became a great President when he spoke about the need of all people to become active and responsible citizens.

“Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country”, JFK famously said in his first speech as president.

He wanted the “common enemies of man” such as “tyranny, poverty, disease, and war itself” overcome, but unfortunately JFK did not live long enough to achieve this vision.

Some people would argue that Prime Minister John Howard was a great Australian leader – but I don’t know whether his humanitarian record matches that of Gandhi, Mandela or JFK.

In fact, John Howard still claims his “stop the boats” type border control was his greatest success, despite Australia having ongoing problems with asylum seekers today.

In 2016, we are left with weak political candidates like Donald Trump, Clive Palmer and controversial religious leaders like Cardinal Pell.

Donald Trump has a limited tolerance for other cultures. He has previously talked about conflicts in the Middle East, saying “Let them fight each other and pick up the remnants.”

Meanwhile, Clive Palmer’s companies have run into the ground and hundreds of Aussie workers have lost their jobs. Despite this, Clive keeps up appearances as a “millionaire entrepreneur”.

Cardinal Pell is perhaps my least favourite of this bunch. He should have stepped down years ago when Catholic child abuse allegations surfaced, and yet he has consistently “washed his hands” of any particular wrong-doing.

The situation surrounding Cardinal Pell is yet to be resolved. As a religious leader though, I think he has failed his community and countless children too. Pope Francis should do more than just offer “words of comfort” to abuse victims as well.

Unfortunately in 2016, it looks like we’re entering the “dark ages” when it comes to world leaders. At least that’s my take anyway.

Do you agree that our world is lacking true leaders today? Who would you rather see in positions of responsibility and power?

  1. Penny Shepherd  

    Yes I do. It seems that the ‘leaders’ are only in it for themselves and not for their people. Please also remember another wonderful leader, Iain Douglas Smith. He led Rhodesia through UDI but unfortunately was sold down the river by so-called friends. See where that has got the now Zimbabwe today1

  2. M.Leitch  

    So very true, no foresight, no compassion and a total love of power.

  3. Assassinated and incarcerated. . . what do you think That’s why we have who we have.

  4. Sure is, we don’t seem to have many statesmen or women. Is it because we seem to breed self serving individuals who only care about themselves and what they can profit from?

  5. 1. Jfk was no moral leader. 2. When you look at Donald Frump running for the American presidency, there is definitely a severe lack of credible leadership. Turnbull, Abbott and Shorten are not too inspiring either

    • You forgot to mention that evil witch Clinton. God help America if she is voted in, it will be America’s death . Corrupt, Liar and fraud.
      Out of those two, I would vote for Trump hands down.

    • Hi Fran I so agree with you, I think President Obama has great Presence and I believe he was blocked by the Powers that be , what will happen next is anybody guess

      • Shanti  

        Maggie Geeves – I agree with you. Obama is an intelligent, articulate, compassionate leader, who has been constantly blocked by evil old men intent on their own advancement. I wish he could continue on as President – or come to Australia, and take over here!! Sadly, we don’t have an Obama or a Mandela (my all time hero!) – our current crop of politicians and so-called leaders are pathetic!

    • Marie Gammon then you are definitely part of the problem. Someone who doesn’t bother to look into the people she allegedly supports … do you know ANYTHING about Trump?????? Obviously not.

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