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What would you do if you had a small windfall of $5,000? And what advice would you give to someone else who won a few thousand?

Would you tell them to invest it, or spend it on a holiday? Or nothing at all? How would it change your life?

Let’s talk today: what would you do with $5,000 if it was given to you right now?

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  1. Would catch up on bills as it is very hard on aged pension and help daughter and grandkids find a house to rent after messy marriage breakup, also pay for sons fare to Sydney from Perth to see him after two years

  2. Yep, there is bills, there is a new water tank, there is tyres for the car BUT……I would go visit my son and his family and my little grands in S.A. Then on the way back stop into see the other grands in Sydney also my Grandmas grave. Havent seen anyone of them in far too long.

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