Let’s Talk: Would you “dob in” your own grandchild?

When Charles Floyd spotted his 18-year-old grandson in police CCTV footage, he knew there was only one solution: To dob
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When Charles Floyd spotted his 18-year-old grandson in police CCTV footage, he knew there was only one solution: To dob in his own grandchild.

Jonathan Ratcliff had robbed a spate of convenience stores with his friends. Police said the group had a “mob-type mentality” with the “sole intent of causing mayhem”. Together, they stole thousands of dollars in cash and stock.

After spotting his grandson in the CCTV footage, Charles drove Jonathan to the local Metropolitan Police Department. He then forced his grandson to make an official statement.

Charles said his tough decision was made with Jonathan’s “longevity in mind”. The disappointed grandfather believed that Jonathan had been given every chance.

“It’s just hurtful”, Charles said about Jonathan’s crime spree. “We had talked to him about, you know, getting his life right”.

“After the warnings (my wife and I) gave him and everything, can’t say I would even appear in court”, Charles said. “There’s no appeal I could make to the court for (Jonathan)”.

“He could have made it right the first time and let it alone, but that’s not what he chose to do. So this is what I chose to do, this is what (my wife and I) chose to do”, Charles added.

The grandfather’s decisions have been applauded by many, with people saying that Jonathan will now get the discipline and tough love he obviously needs.

“Kudos to the grandparents”, wrote one person online. “Hopefully this will be the learning experience (Jonathan) needs to turn his life around”.

Would you dob in your grandchild, if they broke the law? Do you think “tough love” is needed for more young people today?

  1. Yes I would in hope he or she can turn things around. Death could be the alternative if nothing is done.

  2. Joy Anne Bourke  

    Yes I would hoping that they will turn there life around.

  3. Too bloody right I would! And all six of them know it! This is something we discussed with their parents when they were teenagers and with our grandchildren as they have grown. If you want something, you earn it. You do not take what is not yours. And if you do, then you suffer the consequences!

  4. cathy  

    we are going thru a similar problem hes a kid with autism but he nows right from wrong and he will not listen to any one hes gone from a very well behaved kid to a bloody monster hes driving everyone crazy with his behaviour but hes a adult so we cant get him help .he listens to people who are taking advantage of him ,he thinks there his freinds .my daughter has even rang the police shes thrown him out and of cause sahe takes him back were can he go

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