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She was just a teenager during World War II but as the future head of the monarchy, Her Majesty no doubt saw her fair share of terrible things. The young Princess joined the Auxiliary Territorial Service and did her bit for the war effort, living through bombings and dancing in the streets on D-Day.

Since then, The Queen spoken with, comforted and paid her respects to soldiers from the Great War that had such a profound influence on her as young Princess Elizabeth.

Yesterday, however, the Queen did something she has never done before.

At the end of a four-day visit to Germany, she visited the site of a former concentration camp. And not just any concentration camp, but Bergen-Belsen in northern Germany, the place, where Anne Frank was among thousands to die.

Bergen-Belsen was liberated by British soldiers in 1945 but the Queen has never visited before. In fact, this is the first time she has visited any of the former concentration camps that remain as memorials to the Holocaust.

According to the BBC’s royal correspondent, it is believed the Queen requested the special trip at the end of her time of Germany.

She and Prince Philip were taken on a private tour of the site with absolutely no pomp or ceremony, and minimal fuss in terms of typical protocol.

Much of the site has been knocked down and a museum and memorial remain. The Queen paused thoughtfully at the grassy mounds beneath which lie the bodies of thousands of Jewish victims. After liberating the survivors of the camp, the British were forced to use bulldozers to move the bodies into mass graves to be buried.

While there, Her Majesty spoke with a handful of survivors and liberators.  Among them was veteran pilot Captain Eric “Winkle” Brown, 96.

The BBC reports that the Queen asked him about the scene that greeted the British troops when they arrived.

“I told her this was just a field of corpses,” he said.

He said the Queen replied: “It must have been horrific really.”

The Queen, who is patron of the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust, then laid a wreath at the memorial.

One can’t help but wonder why the Queen decided now was the time to embark on her sombre trip. It’s 70 years since the camp was liberated in April of 1945 but there has been plenty of opportunity for the Queen to visit.

Why do you think the Queen has left it until now to visit a concentration camp? And do you think it is significant that she does so now? 


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  1. What took her so long? I’ll tell you. It’s hardly a place of joy and amusement that I would want on my bucket list.

  2. Oh, here we go again ! All the royalists will come out in praise of her. WHAT did take her so long ??? As for being in WW2, no she wasn’t, she was in safe territory and didn’t go anywhere in London where it was unsafe and went home to her bed at night, not in barracks like the rest of the women who contibuted to the effort. Jeeso !!!

    11 REPLY
    • You are an idiot she served as a land soldier. As for Belsen. Nothing to do with her blame the Germans and get a bridge climb over it

    • Stupid comment London had the hell bombed out of it and she was there working like lots of other woman.

    • No she isn’t just so stupid to think so you need to use google and look it up, so Victoria go google then come back to it, how old are you anyway also did you live in Britain

    • Who said London wasn’t bombed ? I said Elizabeth wasn’t in danger, for goodness sakes, wake up, no way would the government or her family let her be in danger, she was next in line to the bloody throne ! I’m not too sure what you want me to google Anne ! I am actually Scottish by birth Anne.

    • For goodness sake Victoria, you are just making yourself look more foolish with your lack of knowledge. I wasn’t born then either, live in NZ, but have learnt English History. It was the then Queen Elizabeth, our present Queen’s Mother, who refused to take her family out of London to safety during the bombing. She said it was her families place, and duty, to be there with the people, and took her girls out regularly among the people, and Yes, present Queen, like a lot of young women in Britain, NZ, and a lot of Commonwealth Countries, did join the Land Army when she was old enough. As Anne suggested, google up some facts if you don’t know them. If you are not sure what to google….well use your brain, not hard. Your comment, not sure what to google, actually Scottish by birth, is a bit of an insult to the average Scottish persons intelligence.

    • Mike here-of course the queen slept in her own bed at night, the ramificatiins for the security of the future queen would have been unacceptable were she to stay in barracks.

  3. Well said Victoria …and perhaps Andrew Mortons book “17 Carnations The Royals, The Nazis and the biggest cover up in history ” will enlighten people as too why the queen has taken so long …

    6 REPLY
    • I saw her comment …fell about laughing ..Elizabeth’s family are German ..and had a foot in both camps through the war years ..if only people would read history books …

    • Some people just look through rose coloured glasses Rosanna lol. Look at WW1, Victoria’s family contributed to that war, the Russians and Germans, but many of these ‘royalists’ don’t know the history of that family.

    • ah yes …Bertie .Georgie & Willie … Victoria’s grandsons …the three cousins who plunged Europe into war ..

    • Rosanna and Victoria, please take note of an English saying, and that is if you can’t say anything nice , then don’t say anything at all

  4. She was an ambo driver during the blitz. Her family refused to leave London knowing their home was n the sights of German Bombers.

  5. She is like all people there are something’s that you can’t do you do it when your ready to handle it now maybe her time

  6. I lived in Bergen for a couple of year my ex was in the army. Let me tell you it is an horrendous place birds do not fly over it although it’s in a forest. They knew of the horrors the queen went there. Yes good on her she didn’t cause This hitler did so enough said

    6 REPLY
    • Oh be quiet that is not the queen that is the abdicated prince think you need facts or are you German and blaming any one other than them

    • Friend of a royal who abdicated and was banished for the was period to the Bahamas because of his nazi leanings. Not the current monarch or her father who were highly admired for their leadership in WW II, as for her being able to go to her safe home at night, Buckingham Palace was bombed during the war, for someone who claims to have read widely on the subject you seem to have a very selective memory.

    • Peter I totally agree Elizabeth was a teenager as was Margaret they did their fair share during the war. As any teen would. And like I said Belsen oh and not Belsen Bergen there’s a good 20 Klms between. Why should she visit. The Germans have lunch on the mass graves. I’ve been I know. So bloody sad but never britains fault

    • Agreed, although Britain was guilty of appeasement in the mid 30s, this was the government of the times fault, and not the monarchy’s, and if we’re going to blame anyone other than Hitler for the horrors of the war, it can only be the politicians who imposed the restrictive treaty of Versailles on a defeated foe, which led to the resentment that allowed Hitler and his evil henchmen to thrive, in no way can it be blamed on a constitutional monarch, and I’m an Aussie of scots descent, not an English monarchist, so I believe my view off this is reasonably unbiased. PS I am a student of both modern and ancient History so have some understanding of what I speak.

  7. Rosanna and Victoria how do. You know so much about their whereabouts where were you during the war Safe in your beds I suppose ?

    2 REPLY
    • We don’t all believe in propaganda Mary !!! I wasn’t alive during the war …. I’m a Baby Boomer. But I do a lot of reading in relation to this family, going back many centuries. Can you please give me some concrete facts that I’m wrong in my thinking ?

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